Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Lights

Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Phoenix, Again .

Make sure you watch the video.

First there are 5 lights, then 4 lights, then 5 lights...

Military flares?

Yeah, right.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Cube...hmmmmm...are they comin to take us away

The Phoenix said...

Weather Balloons!

The Hairy Beast said...

Methinks it is the not-so-secret-anymore slush hydrogen/methane fuel replacement for the much beloved SR71-Blackbird; AURORA, doing night flights. Aurora supposedly uses some form of Pulse Detonation Wave Engine which leaves a very distinctive trail in the sky. The exhaust contrail has been described (when seen in daytime skies) as "donuts-on-a-rope", because as the engine pulses it poops out little donut-shaped clouds of exhaust. If, for some reason, those donuts are made to glow at night then you have hovering lights.

Here is a link to a picture one of those odd contrails:

If not Aurora, some other kind of pulse engine might also do that - perhaps a newer generation aicraft.

cube said...

I don't think these are aliens, or weather balloons, or Aurora contrails.

It think it's more likely that these are lights on some kind of craft that the military is keeping quiet.

The Hairy Beast said...

The Beast agrees, cube. AURORA is actually old technology by now.

cube said...

thb: one thing I don't think they are is military flares!

cube said...

BTW is there anyone out there who can spot the Star Trek reference?

Brooke said...



birdwoman said...

If the aliens were coming, no way in heck they'd only go to phoenix. I mean, it's a nice enough town, but tokyo's gotta be more interesting. or madrid, or even sydney!


cube said...

brooke: impressive, but can you name the Cardassian Gul in the photo?

bw: really, why don't they go to MIT?

Brooke said...

Sure! I love those Cardies, as O'Brien would say!

It's Gul Madred.

cube said...

brooke: woot! you're almost as good as me ;-)

Brooke said...

We are geek chic, aren't we? LOL!

cube said...

brooke: yes!!!!

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