Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Snow?

From Al Gore Ducks Blizzard; Promises Heat Wave Soon for some eye-opening facts on global warming.

Yikes! The really scary stuff is that real science is being silenced and/or perverted by C average students.


Brooke said...

Gore is such a tool.

cube said...

And it's about time to pull the plug on that power tool ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Al Gore's iron clad global warming "facts" are frozen. I think that's something to crow about!

cube said...

j.d.: I think Al Bore should eat a plate of crow.

Shover Robot said...

I heard Al Gore won't even debate with anyone who disagrees with him on this global warming thing.

So if he's so sure it's happening and the big expert should be open to debate!

birdwoman said...

GlobAl Goreming is such a crock. Just mad scientists trying to get a jump on grants.


cube said...

shover: that sounds like a person who doesn't have facts to back up his argument, doesn't it?

cube said...

bw: big grant money is driving this madness for sure. It's not the first time science has been manipulated by politics.

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