Saturday, February 24, 2007

OZ Loves Cheney

Supporters of US Vice President Dick Cheney hold a banner outside the hotel where he delivered his Australian American Leadership Dialogue in Sydney. Cheney met with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, one of Washington's staunchest allies, for talks likely to focus on troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

How refreshing.

Let's make our own banner:

The world needs great men like John Howard. We love Australia.


nanc said...


and every aussie i've had the pleasure of being around.

Brooke said...

What Nanc said! :D

cube said...

Me three!!

Caz said...

You won't be surprised to know that I didn't see that banner on the news or the papers.

Got lots of coverage of the hoons attacking police and a police station in Sydney, but no friendly banners.

One of my cousin's is off to Afganistan very soon, awaiting his deployment date.

Kathy said...

Nanc, Brooke and
Cube.... You guys are OKAY, you know that.

I also have had the very great pleasure of meeting many wonderful American people, such as yourselves through blogs.

God Bless America!!

cube said...

caz: I'm not surprised. The media here manipulates our images as well. At least I was able to show it to some.

Godspeed to your cousin.

cube said...

kathy: Aw, shucks!

Jamie Dawn said...

I totally agree with you, mate!
John Howard has been so steadfast and strong, and every time I hear a clip of him speaking, he always sounds reasonable and very wise. We could sure use some more men like him on OUR political system in BOTH major parties.
Dick Cheney really gets a bad rap most of the time, but I have great respect for him. In every interview he does, you always know that HE is in TOTAL control of himself and completely knowledgable about whatever he's talking about.
He gives me a feeling of calm and confidence.