Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Skid Mark Safe?

What's the best place to hide your money or valuables?

Conversation With A Burglar at Personal Finance Advice blog provides some clever tips...


Jamie Dawn said...

I know I CERTAINLY wouldn't go digging around in those for hidden cash!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Uh, Cube? Do you think guys keep the family jewels in those?

cube said...

A double post. Woot!

Even the burglar said he wouldn't touch underwear like that. What better place for the family jewels ;-)

David Amulet said...

Great article. I think the burglar is missing something, though--fewer people keep cash lying around than ever before.

Any cash I have is in my pocket. With ATMs, bank cards, and so on ... who needs cash?

-- david

nanc said...

why, i wouldn't touch those undies for a $100,000! well, maybe...

Minka said...

I wouldnæt touch those either, but i also think that hiding money in kid´s toys is good and leaving some money in obvious places. After all, wuite useful information ;)

WomanHonorThyself said...

how bout just keepin in the fridge

Eyes said...

Great find Cube, Interesting and informative:>D

birdwoman said...

the worst place to hide your money is a bank account, a money market, a paycheck... anywhere where the REAL thieves, politicians, can get at it.


cube said...

d.a.: Yes, not much cash lying around, but there is still jewelry.

nanc: lol.

minka: Thank you. Long time no see! Hope you're well.

cube said...

woman: Ah, the old Rep. Jefferson trick. Too bad everybody knows about it now ;-)

eyes: Glad you liked it.

bw: They'll find it no matter where you put it, especially the democrats.

Brooke said...

The safest place for your money is ON YOU!

Trust nothing, and don't take valuables on vacation!

cube said...

brooke: I'm an X-File fan... Trust No One ;-)

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