Thursday, February 22, 2007


Thomas Sowell's columns, always a good read, says it all in this piece:

Barack Obama, Control Freak:
Fresh Face, Same Old Fallacies.

Here's a clip:

"All this is the old liberal agenda from years past, old wine in new bottles, a new face with old ideas that have been tried and failed repeatedly over the past generation".

I don't want to live in Obamanation, do you?


nanc said...

i just love your "obamanation" coin!

yup - it sounds as though he's just throwing some things out to see where they land.

sowell has such insight into these things.

The Merry Widow said...

Good one, Cube!
Dr. Sowell is a very wise man. I respect him and his opinions greatly!

Any way to have Dr. Sowell as a write in?

Brooke said...

I heard on O'Reilley yesterday that he forbade ALL media at his speaking conventions for now.

Not a particularly good move, if one wants to court the MSM... But probably a good one if one wants to remain "fuzzy" enough to nail down the DNC nomination.

cube said...

nanc: Thanks, but I can't take credit. Schnit's been playing something similar to it to the tune of the old Janet Jackson song. I just changed the lyrics a little.

cube said...

tmw: I agree. I've been reading Sowell for years. Too bad he doesn't have political aspirations... President Sowell has a nice ring to it.

brooke: I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised.

Raggedy said...

"Obamanation" is priceless.
I agree cube.