Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scary Delivery

The photo shows an Artist Who Bakes Edible Body Parts. Yes, they're creepy looking, but they taste like regular bread.

But one Michigan couple got the real things when DHL delivered two packages from China ... Human Liver And Head Accidently Delivered to Michigan Home

The body parts were intended for medical research.


Next time you need to ship body parts, use UPS.


Brooke said...

I'll bet this guy does a mint around Halloween!

As for the mistaken delivery... GADS!

"But I wasn't expecting a package from China..."

cube said...

Oh yeah, this is good Halloween stuff. I just thought it dove-tailed nicely with my body-part-from-China story.

This is a cautionary tale about opening packages without knowing exactly who it's from.

Chen Woo's Falun Gong Blasphemers Recycling Center... not such a good to idea to open ;-)

Candace said...

Ew. Ew to the max. Ew to infinity!
Hey, just a note to let you know I finally got around to answering your comment on mah blog under "Deja vu" - sorry, I've fallen behind in everything lately.
Off to read the other posts that I've missed here...

Candace said...

You really gotta wonder about this baker guy...
I'm just sayin.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sorry but I think thats garooooooooooooosss!..as in gross !..eeek!..lol

cube said...

Yes, his baking skills are a bit
'out there'.

Caz said...

I'll take a guess that he bakes really delicious bread too, but I could never have a bite.

I like my food to look and be dead, but not creepy.

SeniorGato said...

Now I can't help but guess what the liver and head were going to be used for. Someone needs to work on labeling.