Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Most Awesome Animal Video Ever

I'm not kidding. This isn't a joke. This is an unbelievable video.

Watch the whole thing and then thank your lucky stars you were born a human.


WomanHonorThyself said...

gosh thats frightening Cube..sheesh~!

Jamie Dawn said...

I started watching this, and my hubby called about halfway through. I told him all about it, play by play.
Yikes! What a hideous tug of war!
Then, it was amazing when the herd came BACK!!!!
I'm telling my kiddos about this video!!
I've been on your site for a LONG time. I kept it on your page while I talked to my hubby.
I sure feel fortunate to be able to just go to the store for my food, don't you??? :-)

nanc said...

this is awesome - normally, a herd of bison would not act so decisively - but they saw what had to be done and didn't go with the norm! too cool for words - just think of what us buffalo/bison could do if we just stopped the mindset?

i'm a lone buffalo sometimes...i don't mind. but, i could sure use a herd at other times!

Kathy said...

Gosh! Heart in the mouth stuff ebuc.

Yay, they saved the litle fella!

United we stand divided we fall..
( Applies to buffalo too!)

Darrell said...

Ho. Lee. Crud.

That's really wild. I kept expecting toward the end that one of the lions would end up in the water where that croc was still waiting. How'd that have been for a twist ending? I'm just amazed that the calf got up and walked away. I wonder if he/she survived in the long term. Wow.

cube said...

This video is cool on so many levels.

It is a jungle out there and we could all use a little help from our friends.

I hope the little one made it, but there is no way to say if it did.

cube said...

Lions & crocodiles & water buffalos ... oh my!

Unfortunately, there seems to be
a problem with the video showing up on The BLOG.

If that's the case, then go HERE to see this amazing video.

Don't miss it.

cube said...

I saw one of the founders of YouTube call this his favorite video.

Caz said...

Not everyday you get an insight into the mindss of buffalos - who the heck knew they were just as ferocious about their babies as other animals, hey?

Still, while I notice some here are chirpy at the little guy's rescue, he can't have been in good shape. Mauled by lions, mauled by a croc, poor little fella, don't know that he would have lasted, but at least he would have been "at home", and it would have been a better death than being eaten by crocs/lions.

But, who knows, perhaps the injuries weren't too bad and he grew up to be a big strong buffalo! Yep, that's a nicer thought.

cube said...

caz: You know I'm a fan of big cats, but this once, I was rooting for the baby buffalo. I hope the little tyke made it.

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