Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pillow Shot

Officer Shot By Gun Kept Under Pillow

Does someone have a theory about how this could happen? Guns don't just go off when they're not touched.


Anonymous said...

Sleep shooting?

Anonymous said...


Chances are the pistol (the story says it was a .40 cal) is a Glock though it could be a Beretta, H&K, Springfield XD, Ruger,or one of many others. That said, she is a cop and is likely to own a Glock regardless of whether that is the gun she discharged.

Guns don't just go off, even with a round in the chamber, without some impulse or excitement to the primer: such as cooking off a round when the pistol is extremely hot from shooting mucho rounds and is left with a round chambered, or dropping the piece and inertia moves the firing pin/striker in rare instances.

Again, very rare in modern handguns. It is clear by the text of the article and thus your query that the cause of the discharge was not disclosed but I would bet it went off when....The trigger was pulled!


WomanHonorThyself said...

aw now thats sad......

Brooke said...

I thought they taught you not to do stupid stuff like that in cop school.

nanc said...

if the gun was not in a holster, it is entirely possible and although i don't sleep with mine under the pillow, i have slept with it between the mattress and the headboard, but it is always in an open carrier, which means i have to remove it before it can be discharged.

she just had a dsa - dumb shiite attack.

Kathy said...

Nanc! You got a gun?
Are things that bad mate?

The Merry Widow said...

Hey Kathy! It depends on where you live. I live near a huge resort area with surfer bums with drug habits. An 89 yr. old lady from my church, she lives 1 street away from me, woke up at 2am with a druggie shoving a gun in her face!
I have a large dog, so my house is passed by as an easy mark!
One of the many reasons I'm moving!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

And yes, I've had a night recently where both my son and I had a handgun nearby.

Kathy said...

Sheesh. Glad you are moving to a safer place TMW..
God Bless you too, dear TMW!

nanc said...

kathy - ALL good hillbillies have guns, girl! it's bred into us. don't worry - i haven't killed anybody.


cube said...

QQ: I agree with your assessment. That is why you will always be my Weapons Officer ;-)

brooke: I don't think we're getting the full story.

nanc: Are you saying that because the gun wasn't in a holster, it is possible that it just went off?

kathy: lots of people have guns in the US. The right to bear arms is built into our Constitution (and I don't mean wearing sleeveless shirts)

tmw: I hope your next abode is a safer one.

The Merry Widow said...

Come visit Nanc and myself in a year, we'll take you out back and show you how!
Heck, I might even lend you a shotgun! Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?
Cube-I can hardly wait! I'm sick of living in Northern Miami Beach!
And I mean WAY north, by almost 200 miles! Even the neighborhood is looking like Miami...can't see the beach or hear the waves anymore. And the traffic is getting worse by the day!
I was talking to a friend and we are worried that some ME types will buy up the AF base next to me, and pull a Palm Coast, setting up their own little sharia enclave! AND shoving A1A west...


cube said...

tmw: Yikes! You need to move.

nanc said...

no, that wasn't what i was saying, but it would be much easier to grab the gun while sleeping and pull the trigger if it were unholstered. i sleep with my hands under my pillow - i don't want a gun there.

cube said...

nanc: Good. I'm glad you cleared that up. I didn't like thinking that you thought guns just went off without some provocation.

Guns don't kill people. People and monkeys kill people ;-)

Brooke said...

We don't have a gun... YET. I plan on getting one as soon as the funds become available.

The gargantuan dog definitely helps me sleep a little easier in the meanwhile!

I love my Dane! :D

cube said...

We are covered either way, but you're right about dogs.

It's a comfort to know that our 2 shepherds prowl the inside of the house while we sleep. If they hear anything strange, they bark.

Jen said...

Maybe she snores REALLY LOUD (like my MIL) and the sound vibrations caused the gun to discharge?