Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liberal Derangment

Jolie Tries To Ban FOX NEWS From Movie Premiere

Broward County Democrats Tried To Cancel Deal With Radio Station Because It Airs Rush Limbaugh Show

That's freedom of speech to a liberal.

More reasons why they shouldn't be in charge.

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The Phoenix said...

It's an example of pure politics. Anyone who tries to say they are above it all is feeding you a line. I don't like this kind of crap from EITHER side.

cube said...

I'm seeing it more & more from the left - not the right.

nanc said...

they wouldn't recognize a clue if you wrapped it in an oscar! i sent an e-mail to fox news telling them essentially that i and a couple of hundred of my friends are sick to death of these prima donnas and donalds - WE WANT THE NEWS BACK!

in other words - stop giving them the time of day - we could not possibly care less!

cube said...

I know the 24 hour news channels cycle the news all day long. I can understand some Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton stories, but not all day coverage. That's just dumb.

My point was that it is often the left that seeks to squelch free speech, especially when they deem the speech as conservative.

Howard Dean, during his campaign, expressed the opinion that he would shut down FOX News as well.

Some of the Democrats campaigning currently have refused to appear on debates hosted by FOX News.

The push for the Fairness Doctrine is another way of making sure that talk radio contains less conservative shows and more liberal ones.

I see a pattern and it looks an awful lot like censorship to me.

Brooke said...

It's a one-way street, and if you ain't on the left...


Jamie Dawn said...

They want freedom of speech for everyone who agrees with THEM, and the preach tolerance for those that they want to tolerate and NO ONE else.
I'm not surprised by Jolie's comments. You have to search intently to find a sound-minded thinker in Hollywood these days.

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