Tuesday, June 12, 2007

13 Years

Hard to believe it's been 13 years since Simpson savagely murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

A chronology of the whole sordid mess can be found here .

Unfortunately you won't find the question I wanted the police to ask Simpson, namely how, when you were told on the phone that your ex-wife had been murdered, you knew which ex-wife without being given her name?


cube said...

Strangely "Sidney Brooke Simpson" is the 2nd most popular search phrase that leads folks to The BLOG.

It is 2nd only to "Ismael Ax" which became #1 search phrase in April 2007 after the V.Tech murders.

Go figure.

David Amulet said...

I don't understand why those terms get folks here so often ... nor do I know how you find that out. What's the trick to learning which search terms drive people to your site?

-- david

Caz said...

David - if you have a decent blog counter on your site it will also provide you with data on "how" people enter and exit your site, if you can be bothered spending time examining such things.

For the information mentioned by Cubicle, all she did was a Google (or Yahoo?) search, and obviously her own site came up.

The Merry Widow said...

If there wasn't a G*D in Heaven who will judge ALL, I would be consumed in anger at what people get away with.
But it will be rather difficult to laugh and joke your way through the "movie" of your life, INCLUDING the secret things of the heart.
I don't think O.J. will be pleased with that result!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Caz said...

Cube - we both share a deep and abiding loathing for this man, and as much as I wish the story had a different ending, or that he would vanish from the face of the earth, in this case, I think I prefer to know that he is still mentioned, and that people are never permitted to forget who he is and what he did, and the obscenity of the injustice.

So long as he is breathing and his name is preceded with “murderer”, that’s the only justice that will stand in for what the court failed to do.

That and the occasional banishment from restaurants.

Chipper said...

I had refused to watch anything about teh Simpson trial when it was happening and now after taking a forensic class, I find the whole affair very interetsing. I never knew ab. the phone call you are referring to--very interesting! And very incriminating!

SeniorGato said...

I didn't mind that he was set free. I figured hey, mabee there was some evidence that really made sense, or mabee they didn't have enough evidence, so hey, thats just our justice system at work.

Then he wrote, "If I did it, here's how" and I basically said to myself, this man is a monster.

Brooke said...

Exactly. Even IF he SOMEHOW is not guilty, what sort of man profits from (and fantasizes about him doing it) the murder of the mother of his children?


Unknown said...

Justice is blind and in that case she was not listening at all. Ugh.

cube said...

d.a.: As Caz mentioned, the information can be found via the sitemeter.

tmw: You're right. I'm betting OJ won't like the end of his movie either.

etchen: Too bad Columbo wasn't investigating this case.

cube said...

There was a mountain of evidence against OJ, but the jury refused to believe it. Had there been a video of the slayings, that particular jury would've believed it was fake.

Justice was not served and a murderous sociopath walks free.