Thursday, June 21, 2007

Star Wars: Robot Chicken

The Emperor gets a bad call from Darth Vader...

This is a hoot. I know it looks cartoonish, but some of the material may not be suitable for the kiddies.


cube said...

QQ, I know you watched this. Would it kill you to comment?

Anonymous said...


Would it kill him to actually eat the cole slaw?

Additionally it is good to see that money matters in the star wars sagas as opposed to that other "popular" Star something series of series where money is obsolete!

Sheesh. Well the first series was credible anyway. In DS9 The jug eared Ferengi knew the value of a sheckle.

Dear lord what squishy emoting thinks the work of ancient Phoenicians (money) would become supplanted by, what exactly, Favors, good intentions, barter?

I told you how I hated that tng episode. Guess I'm still not over it!


cube said...

Would it kill you to keep your comments down to novella size?


Just kidding. I'm glad that I was able to guilt you into leaving a comment, albeit a long-winded one.

Um, where do I start?... Emperor Palpatine has a rare allergy to cruciferous vegetables and cabbage is close enough that he shouldn't risk it.

RE: the moneyless SF utopia doesn't
please the capitalist in me either, but try to remember that it is just fiction.

I agree that DS9 handled the subject of economics better than TNG.

Brooke said...

This is too funny! LOL!

"Oh, geez, he's crying!"


cube said...

brooke: I knew you'd like it.

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