Monday, April 02, 2007

April Blues

Yes, I've procrastinated collating my tax paperwork once again!


Posting will be a bit light until I get this over with.


nanc said...

i usually figure ours to a gnat's hiney throughout the year so don't worry too much about it and still have to do last year's - they always owe us, but we usually owe state taxes (as i've recently paid them) - sometimes it's like money in the bank.

cube said...

Last years? LOL! You're worse than I am ;-)

I just collate the info for our accountant & he actually prepares the forms. Still I hate doing it & always put it off until the bitter end.

The Merry Widow said...

I hadn't had to do mine for 3 years, due to living on SSI, but I made some changes and went to H&R Block, I got $50 back when I thought I was going to owe!
I about cried in relief!
Cube-Hang in there sweetie! You can do it!

The cartoon is a scream! ROTFLOL!

Eyes said...

light? Me too... Next month is going to be hectic!

Kathy said...

Oh CUBE ugghh!
Have just come back from lunch with hubby( nice for a change)

So I am all mellow and chilled out.

Sitting at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean. and having had a few glasses of wine..

Oh.. okay and a beer too!

Oh alright I DID have a port with my coffee!..

And some lovely home baked bread and a beautiful Prawn and Calamari dish with beer batter chips and salad... MMMM..
Just not in the mood for head bangin' at the moment.. Though I can certainly empathise with you mate..
I hate tax return time too!.. Best left to the accountant I reckon!

cube said...

tmw: Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it :-)

eyes: Next month the kids are out of school... yikes!

kathy: I'm envious :-P

Brooke said...

I get mine done as soon as all the papers come in.

Best to get it over with...

cube said...

brooke: :-P

I put a huge dent into it today, so I'm close to the end now.

The Merry Widow said...

See? I told you you could do it! Just get that final push and charge for the finish line!
Then start immediately to file away what you will need next year, then ALL you have to do is look it over and tootle on off to the accountant!
I had mine in about 3 places and got all the stuff and got it over with. I only waitted because I thought I'd have to pay...


Brooke said...

We swear by Turbo Tax. You even get to deduct the cost of the program.

cube said...

tmw: From now on, you will be my spiritual advisor :-)

brooke: We used Turbo Tax until we incorporated the business. It's just too complicated now.

Raggedy said...

You still have time.
I think they even extended it a day.
Have fun!

cube said...

raggedy: Yes, they have extended the filing deadline to April 17th this year, but I don't need it 'cause my part is done. All I have to do is drop off the paperwork to the accounting firm tomorrow :-)

The Merry Widow said...

I told you you would get it done!
Now it is someone else's headache, and they probably get aspirin deducted as a business expense...


cube said...

tmw: I can't tell you how much your inspirational comments helped.

Thank you!!!!