Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Planet X

Found 20 Light Years Away: The New Earth

Gliese 581c is the first exoplanet (a planet orbiting a star other than our own Sun) that is anything like our Earth.

Mirror Earth?



cube said...

Another chopped liver post?


cube said...

It's hardly a mirror earth. Our
current state of astronomy has no way of detecting water on this planet or even an atmosphere. These are just speculations being made because of distances from the star, etc. It's possible, but at this point, we really don't know for sure. Time will tell.

birdwoman said...

I think this is the first non-giant planet they've found outside our solar system? The rest have had to be big enough to affect the rotation of a star?


cube said...

bw: Of the 200+ exosolar planets so far discovered, this one is the most earth-like. It does show much promise, but it is too early to be planning a time share ;-)

Brooke said...

Where's my warp drive, darn it! I want to go and get a real look at this place, and plenty of others!

cube said...

brooke: Me too, but seeing as to how we still haven't even perfected the next generation shuttle vehicle, I'm not holding my breath :-(