Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bernstein Book

Carl Bernstein's at it again. This time he's writing an unauthorized biography of Hillary...


Yeah, right.

Don't expect much from this "tell all". Bernstein has been around long enough to know that people who cross the Clintons end up dead often under unusual circumstances.

Look at the list for yourselves THE CLINTON BODY COUNT .

Chilling stuff.


Jamie Dawn said...

I won't give a name or details, but I know the grown children of a man who died under very mysterious circumstances after an explosive meeting with Bill Clinton. His kids were teens at the time and are now in their late twenties. It's one those things that never made the news, but those close to the man who died are convinced he was murdered before he could make good on what he threatened to tell.

I often wonder if Dick Morris has a body guard or two with all the stuff he tells about the Clintons. It's a wonder he hasn't been poisoned to death or "commited suicide"!!

The Merry Widow said...

Jamie-The ruthlessness of the Clintons is a stench of death and corruption. Neither one has any compunctions beyond expediency and "will I be caught"?
They are arrogant about it, the fall should be spectacular, but I'm NOT holding my breathe!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

your link for clinton body count isn't working - quick, cube - look over your shoulder!

cube said...

j.d.: I think the Clintons are capable of anything in their lust for power & money.

As far as Dick Morris goes, who do you think was responsible for leaking the story of his affair with the prostitute? It got him out of the administration & out of the limelight for years.

BTW Morris is only right about 60% of the time. Sometimes he is so off the mark that I wonder about his motivations. It could be how he remains useful & alive.

I don't put anything past the Clintons.

cube said...

tmw: you wrote: "They are arrogant about it, the fall should be spectacular,"

From your lips to God's ears.

nanc: Yikes! You're not kidding.

**cue spooky music**

The link wasn't working even though there was nothing wrong with it! I redid everything and it's working again... for now ;-)