Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lefty Lies

Now that the Imus In The Morning show is off TV, the liberals are rushing to portray Imus as a conservative! The Radio Equalizer Blog has the scoop on this latest campaign of misinformation.

Meanwhile over at, Krazy Keith Olberman already has a list of conservatives he says are next to get cancelled over hate speech radio Why Just Imus? .

KKO's list includes Rush Limbaugh, Neil Bortz, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage...

Hmmm, do you see a pattern emerging?


WomanHonorThyself said...

But Rosie can spew her lies and venom with impunity huh!!..disgusting!

cube said...

Rosie is afraid that the thought police is going to come after her next. Of course, in her deluded brain, she sees the Thought Police as being led by the conservative right wing when, in reality, it's the left that shuts down debate, allows no argument with issues they considered settled (like global warming) & disavow the free exchange of ideas.


Jamie Dawn said...

ALL those who've been guests on Imus's show over the years are scrambling for cover and trying to make excuses as to why they went on the show.
So they were guests?
That doesn't mean they agree with everything he said in the past or says now.
Those who are trying to paint him as a conservative or as a person who DUPED them into believing he was a good guy, are just showing themselves to be the cowards they are.
Imus shouldn't have said what he said.
Period. But he DID say it, and he's suffering consequences for it.
He was trying to be funny and made a bad remark.
I haven't heard him in years, so I have no idea what his political leanings are.

They'll never get Limbaugh and Beck off the air.
Limbaugh & Beck are red hot in popularity.
If they go, then Jon Stewart goes and all the late night talk show hosts too.

FREE speech means just that.
You don't like what you hear...

Liberals are so predictable.

Doug said...

I've never listened to Imus, but Neal Boortz shouldn't be on that list. I listened to him for years and only remember one nasty slur.

I agree with J.D. The big hypocrisy, from what I read, is that Imus has been pulling this stuff for years and people have been going on his show who are just getting outraged now.

BeckEye said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Imus has always been a jackass, in my opinion. Are we supposed to believe that "nappy head" is the worst thing the guy's ever said? I like Howard Stern, but he says waaaay worse things about blacks to Robin Quivers' face and she sits there and laughs either because she gets paid for it, or because she knows he isn't racist, and that he's just being "irreverent." Somehow the public is okay with that. They just don't like when he lets midgets throw bologna at strippers' asses. I guess if Imus did more stuff like that, he wouldn't be in as much trouble right now.

birdwoman said...

the crypt keeper is neither conservative nor liberal. He visits all.


cube said...

j.d.: Sharpton & Jackson have been given way too much power with their bringing down of Imus. Considering the wussies CEOs out there, who knows what other damage their extortionious tactics could wreak.

doug: I wouldn't put much stock in a list that nutjob Olbermann puts together. Then again, he does receive the liberal talking points every day ;-)

cube said...

beckeye: I enjoyed it.

RE: Imus. Yes, he's a jackass. He's always been a jackass. But I don't like the idea of Sharpton &
Jackson deciding what is acceptable on our airways. That's why I'm concerned. What else are they going to allow or disallow?
And who made them the moral arbiters of our culture?

Brooke said...

I sure do see a pattern!

Sieg Heil!

cube said...

MSNBC & CBS caved in to the likes of Sharpton & Jackson like a half-baked souffle. Let's hope everyone else has more of a spinal cord & stands their ground.

Here's a thought... let's go after those racebaiting extortionists ourselves. They certainly don't come to this incident with clean hands.

Jamie Dawn said...

I did a post about the Imus Matter today.
YOUR opinion would be very much welcomed.

That photo of Imus is making me lust.
Gosh, he's a gorgeous hunk o' man!

cube said...

j.d.: Barf alert!

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