Monday, April 30, 2007

Give Me Incandescents

What the eco-greeny activists won't tell you about replacing your incandescent bulbs with the mercury-ridden CFL bulbs:

The CFL Mercury Nightmare

I urge you to think before you replace the incandescent bulbs in your home.

A broken CFL bulb cost a family in Maine $2,004.28 to remove the mercury from their home. The annual savings in electricity would've been $180.

Do the math, because the enviro-greenies don't know how.


Brooke said...

When I used to work at the hospital, they would have us sweep up mercury from a broken thermometer and throw it in the trash... Until the State inspectors came around, and suddenly there were mercury clean up kits everywhere. As soon as the inspectors left for the year, GONE.

Stupid enviro-weenies.

nanc said...

i am going to carefully remove every single one from my home and take them to the dump to show them with a copy of this article - then i'm going to return them to wal-mart for a full refund!

this is just great - what will they think of next? nuclear crockpots? asbestos underwear?

cube said...

brooke: Mercury can be dangerous to children. We should be minimizing its use in our society, not increasing it. Why help the Chinese economy anymore than we already do?

nanc: Did you really put those vile things in your house? Tell me you're just kidding.

lol! nuclear crockpots & asbestos undies. I say no to them too.

nanc said...

no, they were already here when we moved in, although we did buy some replacements - now, i must go purchase some good old fashioned lightbulbs!

these things are also very spendy - i think around eight bucks for two.

cube said...

nanc: Be careful when you replace them. Mercury is nasty stuff & especially harmful to youngsters.

Darrell said...

HOLY CRAP! We've got a bunch of those things. I just thought they were good money savers! Dammit, I'm going back to oil-burning lanterns. ;)

cube said...

darrell: I think they save money in the short term, but it will be very costly for the US when we end up with tons of mercury which has to be disposed of safely.