Monday, April 16, 2007

Media Watchers

It wasn't by accident that Imus' remarks aroused such instant nation-wide protests.

Media Watchdogs A Tipping Point For Imus' Downfall

26-year-old activist Ryan Chiachiere was listening to every word Imus said on his show. Chiachiere is a member of Media Matters for America, a liberal group whose sole purpose is to listen to conservative media and to "correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."

The group quickly posted a video clip of the exchange on YouTube and sent e-mails to journalists, civil-rights and women's groups.

In today's viral media culture, that was all it took to spark the media firestorm that ensued.

This group begs the question... who watches the watchers?


Brooke said...

It wouldn't matter... They use shrill, leftist "buzzwords" to convict their prey.


cube said...

I still don't get why they were watching Imus... except maybe for Bernard, who is conservative.

cube said...

*cricket sounds*

*cricket sounds*

*cricket sounds*

Another chopped liver post.