Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Did Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, have a stroke or did he start celebrating St. Patrick's day two weeks too soon?

He is s**t-faced!


RC said...

oh my gosh...that's horrible!!!!!!

you're so right. if i was his boss, i'd be saying "see you later Mr. Matthews."

Brooke said...

Holy crap! His producer let him on like that?!? I'll bet he was still hammered from the night before.

Didn't you just loooove the look on Ridge's face? LOL! Priceless!

Jamie Dawn said...

Maybe he's on some kind of meds for some health condition.
For years, I've told my brother that Chris Matthews always seems to slobber a little when he talks. His lips are always wet, and it makes me go "Eeew!"
That plus this clip now makes me wonder if he's ill.
If not, then he's most certainly plastered.

Jen said...

Yeah, he seems ill more than anything. Although, he could be messed up, too.

My mom has MS, and sometimes her speech is all slurred, and other times it isn't. That's what this seemed like to me.

Man, I hope he isn't drunk. Well, I guess I hope he isn't ill, either! I'm just glad I'm not him today...

cube said...

rc: I agree. Where are backstage people? He is clearly impaired.

brooke: I hear you. How do you keep a straight face when you came face to face with inebriation?

cube said...

j.d. & jen: Obviously I don't know for sure, but if he had some kind of illness, it would be all over the MSM. There would be documentaries on MSNBC's Headliners & Legends. The very fact that we're not hearing about it makes me think Chris was sloshed.

Raggedy said...

He really sounds schnookered.
I had to catch up on some of your posts.
Thank you for your posts and links.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

cube said...

As much as I dislike Matthews, I tried to research this video on the MSNBC website because I wanted to get to the bottom of it. If it had been real, I think at the very least, FOX would've aired it by now.

Well I tried. The video wouldn't play, all I got was sound & then it quit working before I got to the sound byte I was looking for. It is Microsoft after all ;-)

Anyway, it does sound as if the video was doctored somehow. Not even MSNBC would be so sloppy as to allow such an obviously compromised host to go on the air.

Still, it was funny while it lasted.

Jamie Dawn said...

Someone intentionally slowed down his side of the taping, I'm sure.
Even his blinks are in slow motion.
Every time I see him though, he has wet, slobbery lips. I still say EeeeW! to that!!

cube said...

Drunk or sober, he spits a lot when he talks.

birdwoman said...

So, being drunk or drugged is really just playing at a slower speed than reality? Cool. QED.


cube said...

b.w.: good one :-)