Thursday, March 29, 2007

Troll Trawl?

High Profile Web Experts Call For A Code Of Conduct In The Blogosphere

Freedom of speech in the blogosphere is being threatened by a small group of twisted individuals who lack the ability to disagree in a civil manner.

The recent deplorable incident concerning conservative columnist Cathy Seipp is a case in point:

As Cathy Seipp Lay Dying, Her Nemesis Took His Parting Shot on the Web

Will the actions of a few nasty people force regulation on the blogosphere? I sure hope not.

The trolls --and you know who you are-- need to self-regulate their behavior.


Caz said...

Might be defensible as "parody"????!!!

Jeez, I'd don't fucking thinks so.

Sorry, but that guy should have found something useful to do with his life around three years ago.

How appalling.

To go off on a little tangent though, it's not trolls doing the most damage. With MySpace, and YouTube and blogs in general, as many as 25% of job applicants are getting "reject" letters because hiring managers are searching the Internet and finding out about potential applicants online, which is not always a good look for people. (I think the 25% would be only in cases where a hiring manager does a search, rather than 25% of all job applications.)

In other words, some people are quite recklessly doing more damage to themselves online than any troll could do.

Still, that guy is a sicko.

cube said...

Some people get carried away with the concept of anonymity & they say things online they would be afraid to say face to face. Some
are mentally unbalanced. Some are just too stupid to know better.

Me, I hope The BLOG doesn't give polyhedrons a bad name ;-)

nanc said...

and you know those will follow the code of conduct? those who already do and none of the others are our friends.

there are people who will want to destroy every good thing just because of its goodness.

Brooke said...

What an asshat.

I am for suing this guy for slander/liebel.

Regulation of the internet? Nah, excepting pornography, of course.

8675309 said...

I agree, this jerk is a sicko. Cathy's blog was one of my favorite reads, as was her column in National Review Online, and I was so sad when she passed away...not too many gutsy writers like she was, willing to stand up for things like public decency and common sense.

I was so very angry about that article -- Cathy's daughter has enough to deal with as it is. Can't believe someone could be so selfish and cruel.

cube said...

jenny: Me too. Funny how cruel and heartless the left can be when you disagree with their kooky notions.

Raggedy said...

This is upsetting. It is hard to understand how anyone could be that cruel and heartless at a time like this.

Jen said...

Wow, I am pretty sure his mom didn't raise him to act like that, especially under the cirumstances. What gets in to people?

cube said...

jen: In part I think it's driven by the anonymity of the internet where very little consequence ensues from bad behavior. Of course, there is a mental derangement component as well.

I'm sure their mothers didn't raise them to act that way, but then you never know ;-)