Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pet Food Recall

If you have dogs or cats who eat canned or pouch food, please do them a favor and check the MenuFoods.com website for a complete listing of all the flavors in each brand.

You'd be surprised how many well-known brands are listed, from the very pricey to the generic.

I found 4 cans of the Publix stuff. And although the UPCs differed slightly (by only digit), I'm playing it safe & throwing them out.


Brooke said...

You're right, best to throw it out!

Fortunately, we only feed dry food and none of that was on the list.

How scary to think that in taking care of your fur ball that you'd be unwittingly harming them!

cube said...

The weird thing is that our pets always eat dry food. It was only since we got the puppy that we've been "treating" our older shepherd, Dax, with a little of the canned food over her dry food.

She's been a little depressed because the puppy pesters her a bit. Here we thought we'd make it up to her by giving her something special which she loves to eat.

I can't believe the timing of this recall.

The Merry Widow said...

My 2 only eat dry, except if I have something healthy, like veggies and rice, whish I'll give Caleb. That list gave me a start, but I give him Beneful and Paca(the assassin kitty) hasn't had any of those brands in a while!


Always On Watch Two said...

On occasion, I feed my cats Priority brand (from Safeway). I haven't used Priority for a few weeks, and my cats are okay.

I heard this morning that the culprit in the food is "wheat gluten." Lots of foods--both for pets and for humans--contain that ingredient.

cube said...

tmw: lol! I tend to prefer any cat referred to as an assassin kitty... I've known many assassin kitties in the past ;-)

BTW I just heard that wheat gluten isn't necessarily the culprit. I don't think they've narrowed this down yet. Me, I'm not feeding any wet food for now.

God help us all.

Brooke said...

Yah, I don't think they have a clue, or they just aren't saying yet.

Usually, I feed Purina Large Breed, but this time I picked up a bag of dry Pet Pride from Kroger, because I just didn't want to load/unload the kids again at the pet store.

I was a little freaked at the list until I realized it was only canned. Still, I'll be watching my girls.

cube said...

brooke: I've been using Pedigree for years now. Dax is on the adult formula, & Elke is on Pedigree puppy.

Basically, the canned food I had was for a special treat for Dax because the puppy pesters her.

It's always something!

Raggedy said...

I only feed dry but I am in shock over the news of the pet food recall.
Give Dax and Elke a rub from me.
Elkie is growing!
Thanks for posting the picture.

cube said...

The thought of people slowly poisoning their pets is just horrible to me.

This may not be relevant, but why are we buying wheat from China?

We are only using dry foods for Dax & Elke for the present.

And yes, Elke is growing like a weed!!! Her growth is an amazing thing to behold!