Friday, March 30, 2007

War On Christianity

I'm not happy with religious symbol based chocolate sculpture in general, but items like the one above don't infuriate me the way the life-sized chocolate Jesus created by controversial "artist" Cosimo Cavallaro who plans to show the piece during Holy Week, no less.

Choc Full O' Anger .

I say we should turn up the heat, both literally and figuratively, until this blasphemy is gone.

The nerve of some "artists"!


Kathy said...

These people have no respect.

I find the notion of a chocolate Jesus highly offensive , to me, as a Christian.

Of course, that gutless Cavallaro would not even contemplate a chocolate sculpture of Mohammed, would he?

Wonder Why, eh Cube?

nanc said...

hey kathy!

i'm reminded of the commandment which emphatically states:


these are interesting times we live in.

cube said...

Because Cavallaro values his head being attached to his neck?

birdwoman said...

playing devil's advocate here.

he's a sculptor. His medium is food, but he's still a sculptor. (see line about doing something with cheese before)

I didn't see the sculpture in great detail, but besides the fact that it's naked, I don't find it offensive. Christ did hang on a cross. If it had him doing something perverse or illegal or something, I could see outrage. But he's not.

Yes, he's naked. But then, that could be seen as taking the ultimate sacrifice even one step further. He sacrificed everything, put all of his pride aside, for us. Being killed naked is somehow even worse (to me anyway). It highlights the sacrifice with a humiliation that may speak more to some.

I'm not outraged.


Kathy said...

Aww C,mon Birdwoman he's poking fun.

Would you like a naked portait of someone you loved hanging on your wall eh?

Cavallaro is being dispespectful!
There is nothing deep in what he has done.

He has released it at Holy week, for more effect.
Knowing that many Christians would be outraged..

cube said...

bw: I know you enjoy counterpoint, but I'm with kathy. Your 'ultimate sacrifice' explanation defies credulity.

This is most decidedly a poke in the eye of the Judeo-Christian faithful everywhere, and yet another example of the deep hatred these liberal "creative" types have for Christianity.

The Merry Widow said...

Scripture does say that Christ was crucified naked, all crucifictions were carried out on naked victims, and for a Jew that was especially humiliating, due to cltural modesty.
That said, this person did this deliberately to provoke and backslap Christians! He will stand before the G*D he has mocked, and be required to give account of his choices.


cube said...

tmw: I agree with you. I also think he should get some heat for this before he meets his Maker.

BTW thank you for sharing your knowledge of Scripture with us.

cube said...

UPDATE: As of Friday... NY Gallery Cancels Naked Jesus Exhibit

But only after an outcry and a call to boycott by Roman Catholics.

No beheadings. No jumping up and down in the street.

This is how this kind of dispute should be handled. Let that be a lesson to our Moslem friends.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad to hear it was cancelled.

I agree with the article, that you won't see the naked genitals of other well respected figures on display. Christianity seems to be the whipping boy of religions these days.

I agree with you that public outrage should bring about change, not public destruction, rioting, etc... like we've seen from others when they are offended by something.

Brooke said...

I'm glad it was cancelled, too. I don't much care for the kind of disrespectful attitude of this so-called artist.

Besides, religious art shouldn't be in an edible medium; that's just wrong.