Thursday, March 01, 2007

Real Heroes

The Real American Idol: Why The New York Times Buried Maj. Bruce Crandall's Medal Of Honor On Page 15 from

Dennis Henninger's points out that the MSM is not celebrating the warrior ethos the way it used to in the our own peril.

I agree. Thank goodness there are alternative media sources that do tout the valor of our real heroes.

My one complaint is that Mr. Henninger misspelled the first name of Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester , the first woman to receive the Silver Star since World War II.


birdwoman said...

The Dixie Chicks are REAL heroes. Going up on stage and singing and all. And some people didn't buy their albums and stuff. So they're heroes because they keep going. Like that damn pink bunny.

They get media coverage.

I don't understand why you think real heroes don't get media coverage.


cube said...

bw: You may be onto something...entertaining is such hard work!

cube said...

Case in point: see how few comments a post about genuine heroes generates?

Caz said...

On Hairy Beasts blog a while ago, he published some material from someone who opposed the Iraq war, who generously, in between berating the people serving in Iraq, offered the thought that they had as much right to free speech as anyone else - although, naturally he rejected anything that a serving military person might have to say.


That's the kind of thinking you're up against.

cube said...

caz: There is an anti-military mindset out there who resent the warrior class. I think it stems from their own cowardice. The warriors make them feel small & insignificant.