Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monster Toad

Australians Capture 'Monster' Toad The Size Of Small Dog

The 15-inch-long poisonous cane toad has a body the size of a football and weighing nearly 2 pounds, the "monster toad" is among the largest specimens ever captured in Australia.

Below is the largest Southern toad [Bufo terrestris] specimen that I have captured in my yard.


Kathy said...

Yeah Cube , those cane toads are a real problem here in Oz..
Soon they will invade Western Australia ( my state)
The impotent governments, should have acted long ago..

Same ole story .. No one does anything until the horse has bolted!

Caz said...

Hey, you nicked my toad story! :-D

Mine is the lesser toad story, since I didn't have any specimens from my own backyard, or maybe even my bathtub, to show off. So, you win.

The cane toad problem here goes exponentially each year, spreading across the borders.

Hope it's not the same in your backyard!

cube said...

Another one of those cases where the remedy is worse than the original problem.

cube said...

caz: You just beat me to the comment :-)

It's not epidemic here, in fact, I try to cultivate the amphibian population by raising tadpoles & releasing them into my back yard.

Kathy said...

No Caz, that %#$@*&% cane toad wins!!...

Jill said...

OMG! That's scary. Of course my dog Daisy would think it great fun to chase it.

nanc said...

i believe i'll just remain happy with my tiny green tree frogs and seven inch walking sticks - that toad is a fright!

maybe they should put a bounty on him?

Kathy said...

" Maybe they should put a bounty on him?"

My sentiments exactly, Nanc me old mate..
But they ain't listening, not until it's too late!

Hey cobber how is that fresh mountain air treating you?

Ahh wish I was there!

Hope you are takin'it easy and resting up a bit. How's dad?

cube said...

jill: lol! Here, I'm the one chasing critters around the yard.

nanc: We don't get the cute little green frogs at our house. Mostly, we get largish tan colored frogs and geckos.

You can have the 7" walking sticks. Yikes!

Brooke said...

You could have a lot of fun with a bee bee gun and a toad that size... Until he comes back with all of his buddies, that is.

cube said...

brooke: Or until he comes back with his big sisters. Female cane toads are usually bigger than the males!

C said...

I know this sounds stranged but I love those toads! When I was a kid in Guam, I used to capture these guys. I'd like to have that big guy. I'll even take his big sister! Toadluvr.

cube said...

c: I'm very partial to amphibians myself. I only wish they were that big around here.