Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Moon & Stars

Look Up Tonight For A Spectacular Treat In The Sky: Biggest Full Moon For Years Enhanced By Shooting Stars

The biggest full moon of 2008 is tonight and it will interfere a little bit with the annual Geminid meteor shower which is expected to peak on Dec. 13th and 14th.

OK, so you see 20 meteors each hour instead of 100, that's still an acceptable amount in my book.

Tonight, and for the rest of the weekend, is a wonderful opportunity to get outside and look up.


jan said...

Thanks for the heads up. I usually find out about these heavenly shows the next day when someone tells me all about what I missed.

dmarks said...

Tonight is a night for werewolves. The vampires best lay low.

Chuck said...

Little cloudy here but still cool

Anonymous said...


What a night! As I left an enormous house I was working on, near a famous beach in West Central Florida ( Fort De Soto), I witnessed the spectacular remains of a brilliant sunset. As I drove north to the first major intersection, I was talking to Mrs. QueeQueg on the phone (bluetooth, both hands on the wheel!), when I turned right towards St. Pete and witnessed the moon in all its hugeness. This I told her!

While very low in the eastern horizon it looked bigger than Jupiter! The planet not the god.

I woke up at three a.m. to patrol the lot for boot thieves and Haji's!, and while doing so saw 2 definite meteors and a couple probables peripherally!

Could I be wrong about us being alone in this universe?



nanc said...

the sunrises and sunsets here have been so spectacular for the past four days - the moon has looked to be cradled upon the ridges in front and behind us.

today we're a little overcast.

cube said...

jan: Glad to help. There should be more showers Saturday night too.

dmarks: Even he who is pure at heart ;-)

Chuck: No clouds here, but I hear it dipped down to the mid-forties. Rare for us.

QQ: I saw the moon early, but didn't manage to get back out to look for meteors. I'll go out Saturday night.

BTW you are wrong about us being alone in the universe.

nanc: Clear as a bell here. I'm just hoping the moon tones down a bit tonight so I can see some meteors.

Jamie Dawn said...

I saw the moon last night, but our view was slightly obscured by clouds.

maria said...

I saw the moon and it was so light outside I couldn't believe it.