Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blagojevich Who?

Did Obama lie about meeting the now radioactive Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich?

Questions Arise About The Obama/Blagojevich Relationship

Oh, no he din't!

But wait, according to this article, Obama met with
Governor Rod Blagojevich on the afternoon of Novemeber 5th in Chicago to discuss Obama's Senate seat.

Who Will Fill Obama's Senate Seat?

Oh, yes he did!

A better question is, why deny a meeting that is clearly on the record?

Does Obama think we're stupid?

Oh, yes he does.

UPDATE: The article from entitled "Who Will Fill Obama's Senate Seat" has been removed. The Ministry of Truth assures us that it was never there in the first place because Obama told us, he had no contact with Governor Blagojevich.




cube said...

Will you look at Obama in this photo? Why he's even haughtier than the haughty John Kerry.

Shover Robot said...

How can a Senator running for President from the same state as the Governor not have any meetings with him anyway?

So that in itself to me means he is lying.

cube said...

Exactly my point. Obama's staff admitted that they met, there are newspaper articles about the meetings, but now everyone, including Obama, is getting cagey.

My conclusion is that Obama thinks the American public is stupid.

Judging by Obama voters, I would say that is not an unfair characterization of some of the US populace.

birdwoman said...

but everyone knows that the best known politician scandals are from republicans, ergo, republicans are more evil, ergo free pass for The One.


jan said...

I used to think that given the facts the American public would make the right decisions. Now I'm starting to agree with Obama's opinion of the American public.

Papa Frank said...

And Obama doesn't even have to be a Jedi to get the media and the sheeple in step.

Anonymous said...

"Did Obama lie...."

Why do i get the feeling that those three words are going to become quite common.

"Does Obama think we're stupid? Oh, yes he does."

Yes and no, these politicians do think that many of us are stupid, some of us do tend to prove them right. But it's also not just that, they also don't care what we think, which is more worrying and insulting.