Thursday, December 04, 2008

Like Buttah

Obama's Hands "Soft As Butter" Says Philly Gym Rat


Hang on, people. The media's lovefest with BO is going to get worse before it gets better.


nanc said...

i would literally puke if my husband ever touched me with hands softer than mine...sickening!

cube said...

I hear ya. These MSM knuckleheads write up these stories as though they're a good thing.

Sheesh. They just don't get it.

Chuck said...

You mean it could get worse than Chris Matthew's gay crush?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I feel dirty.

Anonymous said...


Isn't that the goal of all American (and Western European) "Males" (and their parents) today?

I hear how "ALL" children must go to college. Annnd...Everybody feels their child is too good for carpentry or auto mechanics or other trades; eewww!

And we do have a terrible shortage of lawyers....

And lets not forget about the anachronism known as "the military"; who needs that?



cube said...

chuck: I think you know that the MSM has yet begun to fawn over Obamaness. Brace yourself. There will be more fluff pieces and they will make you want to hurl.

Pasadena cc: I feel like way too many Americans voted for a lie.

cube said...

QQ: I do find it a bit alarming that so many men today feel the need to get facials, wax their eyebrows, moisturize their skin, etc..

They have bought into marketing schemes that sell them products they don't need.

I worry about my daughters ending up with one of these softies. Yuck.
They are definitely not the kind of man their father, Mr. Cube, is.

Did I just end a sentence in a preposition?


tracifish said...

It sends a tingle up my leg. :p

Jamie Dawn said...

Let's just hope his spine isn't soft as buttah.