Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tampa Dirt Bags

Owner Of Dog Used As 'Target Practice' Still In Disbelief

"Tampa police say one of three teenagers gathered outside the Scott home pulled a gun and fired at Lady, a 9-month-old pit bull mix about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Officer Adam York said a witness saw the boys casually walk down the street and shoot the dog".

What can you say about this kind of evil act on an innocent animal?

I have some choice words for these teens...


Anonymous said...




Chuck said...


Z said...

Anon and Chuck about said it for ME, too.

The idea that kids could even contemplate this horrible thing is beyond understanding.

Are they Blagojevich's kids? I'm hoping all that scummy behavior's in only one family.!

gecko said...

I think it's time these so + so's were given a little of their own medicine, line them up........., see how they like it.
Seems like the youth of today are making a career out of this world wide. We don't have the same fire arm laws here, so the kids have been setting fire to poor animals!

Missy said...

Ahh, she's gorgeous, those teenagers are thugs.

Anonymous said...

Uggg, no comment on those kids..
I don't want to be censored.

nanc said...

when we lived in minnesota, our children came in crying that the neighbor kids were using a shock collar on their dog for fun - the parents were unapproachable "fine members" of the local society - soooooo, i wrote a scathing letter to the editor leaving names out, but they knew and voila, the shock collar disappeared.

i've had to put a couple of dogs down for going after my chickens, but i'd never shoot one just to see it suffer - it's a one shot deal - the law of the country. now, if i could find the neighbors who STOLE about 20 of our chickens while we were away...

Jill said...

Give me one minute or one hour, I dont care but they will wish they had not been born. GRRRRRR!!!!

Brooke said...

Those are future serial killers in training.

I say, you touch a child or an animal, and you've earned one-way ticket off the planet.

Anonymous said...


I read this too. Little B__tards.

Wanna be jus like (insert thug rapper's name here)______.

Wish I caught them! Tough to proove you didn't think they were shooting into a dwelling. And thus it would be legal to return fire to save the lives of those inside the home!

Little monster's families would want hire Jackie Chiles (axe Gary!) to sue me of course: but in sunny Florida we have the castle doctrine! If I shot the thuglets in defense of the home at which the pup resides I would not be sued if cleared by the state attorney.

So, lesson for the morons of the world; don't even think about aiming a weapon any where in the direction of a person, dwelling, business or vehicle in the Sunshine state.

Yo, you might get lucky, like these little monsters, but don't count on it.

Perforation is forever!!!


Anonymous said...

There are some real evil scumbags out there Cube, you'd have trouble sleeping if you read some of the things they get up to. Like what Gecko said.

Line them up and fire at will, let's see how they like it. But it won't happen. In some parts of the western world, they won't even put you down for raping small children. Such is the lack of intestinal fortitude.

BeckEye said...

I would like to rip their testicles off and use them for skeet shooting. And I've never even been skeet shooting.