Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Deadly Euphemisms

Two articles caught my eye referencing the Mumbai Atrocity and both involve political correctness on the part of Western commentators and their inability to report on the real nature of the Islamic enemy that the civilized world faces.

Mumbai: Deadly Media Euphemisms

The Mumbai Atrocity Is A Wake-up Call For A Frighteningly Unprepared World

The Mumbai atrocities can happen in any city in the world. And if our media sources can't even agree to call these monsters terrorists, then we have an even bigger battle ahead of us.

[The BLOG note: photo via Murphy Klasing's Conservative Blog ]


jan said...

"A war is being waged against civilization" and civilization is plunging into defeat.

Jill said...

You have made a very good , but scary statement. I can only hope that "cooler heads" will prvail in this uncertain time.

WomanHonorThyself said...

we are at war with the Left ..they are on the side of the Muslim death squads my friend.............

Chuck said...

CNN calls them "militants."

Stunning. I prefer murderous bastards but then I'm a mean spirited Islamophobe.

Brooke said...

Just today a news report about "pirates" attacking a cruise liner surfaced.

We all know that Somali "pirates" is MSM code for Muslim.

cube said...

jan: I happen to think our side can win this war, but certain tactics need to change.

It will not be won by appeasing the unappeasable, or reasoning with the unreasonable.

jill: "cooler" and "smarter" heads.

woman: strange bedfellows, indeed.

chuck: I gave up on CNN long ago. I can't watch it.

Murderous bastards is relatively tame considering what I call them. I guess that makes me an even more mean-spirited islamophobe ;-)

brooke: yeah, "pirates" with towels on their heads.

Remember the "youths" who rioted and set fires in France? There was all kinds of outrage when Zarkozy called them "scum".

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sick and tired of the media tap dancing around the truth. They ARE terrorists and they ARE Muslim extremists. Yes, a small number of non-Muslims are terrorists, such as our homegrown McVeigh, but the media does not call a spade a spade, and it is infuriating!

Gifted Typist said...

Language is such a potent weapon, cloak and dagger.

Anonymous said...


I believe that is why our current President felt it useful to create a situation where the murderers would be drawn to the fight, against capable soldiers, rather than enduring these attacks,(and potentially far worse in frequency, dispersion and magnitude)against unprepared civilians.

Sadly the lessons of terrorism still go largely unreported by the media elite and kept from their consumers.

The Iraq war has eliminated tens of thousands of these types of terrorists and created a nucleus in the center of the middle east to continue the fight; the long fight.

Children have the right to remain ignorant of these issues. Adults, who choose to believe lies about a President who has tirelessly strived to protect them, should be ashamed to act childrish in these matters.

The enemy are terrorists, people, and you can't negotiate with them. You must kill them and their leaders while selling the virtue of your system to their people. In deeds and in words.

Like we are doing in Iraq and A-Stan.