Thursday, December 18, 2008

Franken Foul

Ann Coulter hits one out of the park with today's column...

One Plus One Equals Twenty Extra Votes For Franken

Are the spineless Republicans going to stand around and let Al Franken steal the election from incumbent Senator Norm Coleman?

Franken needs stopping now. Where is the action?


Kris said...

nothing surprises me anymore...

Z said...

regarding your question about the Republicans? Yes, they probably will.

Plus, Coleman is now fighting accusations of illegal money he took from a donor. Have you heard? Franken's been VERy busy.

jan said...

This reminds me of the joke about the heavily Democratic town counting ballots and came to one for a Republican. They didn't know what to do with it, so they set it aside. Soon they came to another. Now it was obvious both had to be thrown out because someone had voted twice.

cube said...

Kris: Just when I find myself thinking that nothing surprises me anymore, I surprise myself ;-)

Z: I hadn't heard about the accusations about illegal donors. Shouldn't we look into all of BO's illegal donations too? Fair is fair, right?

jan: lol.

That reminds me of something Mr. Cube likes to say... he predicts that one day all votes will be assumed democrat unless you go to the voting booth and change it to republican.

John Emerson said...

No one has come forth with any evidence that there's been fraud in Minnesota. People should get some facts before they make wild accusations.

cube said...

John Emerson: I think finding an extra 100 votes - every single one for Franken - is statistically improbable, perhaps impossible, given such a close election.

Usually, when one smells a rat, there is a rat carcass in the vecinity.

John Emerson said...

The 100 votes were a tabulation error in the hundreds place. It was the difference between the informal phone in of results on election night and the official count the next day. Errors of that type are frequent but usually don't make any difference in terms of win and lose. In this case the difference between the candidates was 0.01%, so it made a difference.

The 100 votes problem was settled over a month ago, and no one on the scene is talking about it any more. Coulter has no sources of information of her own -- she just makes things up.

You can't talk about fraud just because your candidate is losing. You really have to have some facts.

Minnesota has honest elections and a Republican governor, and over the last 30 years fewer than half of the Minnesota Senators have been Democrats.

Brooke said...

Where are the republicans? Heck, they're trying to be "inclusive" and sucking up to the Dems!

cube said...

John Emerson: I'm not sure how you know that Coulter is making up stuff in her columns.

You really shouldn't make wild accusations about Coulter having no sources of information unless you know it for a fact. ;-)

John Emerson said...

Everything about Minnesota in Coulter's column is a month old and has been refuted. It's just allegations. She isn't working very hard any more. Most of the column is about other states.

A 500-vote fluctuation out of 2.9 million votes is about 0.015%. It's not unusual.

Anonymous said...

John Emerson,

Oh why bother...

Ann Coulter's veracity isn't the point.

No one believes you


cube said...

john emerson: Disqualified ballots shouldn't be "devined" by democrat tools as being votes for Franken.

That it has also happened in other states doesn't alter the fact that it's going on in Minnesota right now.

QQ: Bwa ha ha ha. Spot on, dude.

John Emerson said...

QQ: Whatever source you are getting your information from is wrong, whether it's Coulter, Hannity, or whoever.

You people have no idea what you're talking about. It's a very close election, and your candidate might lose, so you're talking about fraud without any evidence.

I'm posting here on the off chance that someone here might be honestly mistaken. I won't convince everyone.

cube said...

John Emerson: No, it's you people who have no idea what you're talking about.

Democrat Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is in charge of the Senate recount.

Ritchie was backed by ACORN in his last election.

Are you going to defend ACORN's upstanding record as well?

And, as has been reported in the Wall Street Journal, new votes are being discovered along with questionable ballots -- and an overwhelming number of these are all ballots for Franken!

Considering the race was so close, the Journal noted it was simply statistically impossible for all these votes to be for Franken.

But I guess the Wall Street Journal is in the back pocket of FOX News too.

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

John Emerson,

You are mendacious. When the same tactic was thwarted in Florida in 2000, treasonous sophists like yourself, began sabotaging our nation in a more public fashion than is your typical method.

Traitorously undermining the rule of law and our constitution in order to thwart the will of the people, you then resumed endangering our military personel and staggering our economy.

Sub prime loans to deadbeats? Gee who's idea was that?

You should be swinging from a rafter with a rambling note taped to your chest but you have no shame. And no honor.

No amount of subterfuge or Orwellian double speak can divert me from the facts of this fraudulent recount or the motives and tactics of the Franken faction.

Your "People's Civil Security" brownshirts may yet get their mandate from fascist hypocrites like yourself but understand there are many people who will fight back.

And many more who know the warm, yellow stream on our legs aint rain fall!

Bugger off you lying bag of feces.


cube said...

QQ: Don't hold back man. Tell us what you really think ;-)

John Emerson said...

No one has to like Franken, respect him, or agree with him. Same for Ritchie. But if you're talking about fraud, you have to give evidence.

The Coleman campaign quit talking about the things Coulter alleged because they looked at what happened and found out that there was no case.

For your theory of the election to be right, you need more than a crooked Democratic Party and crooked election officials. A lot of Republicans would have to be working for Franken too.

Coulter's piece was skimpy on facts -- the only specific fact she mentioned, the 100 votes, was wrong. Nobody here has shown that they know or care anything about the facts. You think that all you have to do is cream "ACORN" and you win.

Your real beef is with the 41% of the voters who voted for Franken and the 18% who voted for Barkley. If Coleman loses (not a sure thing at all) it will be because not enough people voted for him.

"No amount of Orwellian doublespeak will divert me from the facts"? What facts? No one here but me is talking about facts. You're just repeating rumors.

cube said...

John Emerson: Here are some examples of the shinanegans going on with the pro-democrat Canvassing Board overlooking the Senate recount in Minnesota:

Ballot Madness: Tipping the Scales in Minnesota's Senate Recount

If that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Coulter hits one out of the park just about every week.