Monday, October 27, 2008

Aloha Obama

Obama Hawaii Trips Cost More Than Palin's Campaign Clothes

Looking for a photo to illustrate a post about how Obama's two trips to Hawaii have cost his campaign ~$400,000 each, I found some interesting information about the Hawaii vacation in August.

Huffington Post Edits Barack Obama Hawaii Vacation Pic Photo Of Barry Checking Out Bikini Clad Woman

Sorry, but the original photos showing the bikini clas women are no longer available on Yahoo.

And that led me to this...

Obama Is Hit By 'Affair' Smears Following Claims That Attractive Aide Was Banned By His Wife

This brief Google search on my part revealed lots of information Obama would rather I not see. It makes me wonder how much more information the press isn't reporting.

Your guess is as good as mine, but it is certain that we are deliberately being kept from hearing or seeing the truth about Obama.


Mustang said...

We know the truth about Obama. We certainly know enough not to vote for him, and so the question is no longer about Obama ... it is rather about the American voter. And the question is, are we so stupid as to vote for this guy?

Time will tell.

Brooke said...

Half a million to go to Hawai'i?!? What the hell is Obama doing over there?

Obama is a scumbag. There's so much dirt on him, and no matter what he does the MSM will cover it up!

jan said...

I would like to know how much his suits cost. And his wife's clothes. And if he pays for them on a senator's salaryl

cube said...

mustang: My biggest fear is that the American voter has been snowed about Obama by the Pravda-esque press that has been covering for this big cipher.

Obama's meteoric rise would not have been possible without the help of the MSM blocking any and all hits.

brooke: He chartered a jet in August for the family vacation and he chartered another one when he spent 3 days talking about going to visit his sickly granny.

Obama is getting his water carried by the MSM in ways I never thought possible in a country that talks about having a free press.

I am concerned that not enough Americans know that he is a scumbag precisely because the press is covering the dirt.

windypoo said...

Things like this are exactly why Obama has ramped up pressure to his followers to vote early: he knows we are on the verge of exposing him for everything bad that he is.

If I were a conspiracy-theorist, I'd suggest that he was really over in Hawaii tending to 'legal' matters that might finally produce an official-looking birth certificate (which the Hawaii State Supreme Court had previously denied us access to). Just a thought...

PS, Mustang: my son is a Marine Corps Mustang and I'll be in Quantico next month to witness his TBS graduation. You have my family's ultimate respect & appreciation!

christian soldier said...

Thank you for the $400,000 heads up :-)
It'll be up to us -the bloggers- the spread the word---
I do not even subscribe to a MS paper-I continue w/ Human Events---that's it...

cube said...

jan: According to the MSM, Obama's suits are Hart Schaffner Marx (I especially got a kick out of the Marx part, but I digress) and they go for about $1500 a pop.

In comparison, Hillary's pant suits went for something like $2300bucks a piece.

Why do women's clothes cost more when they usually involve less material?

There are many reasons for this, but in any case, Sarah Palin is not a millionaire like Hillary & Obama are, and she clearly isn't expected to have the kind of wardrobe acting senators would have.

Is she expected to walk out on the national stage in WalMart duds? Imagine what an outcry that would bring out among the elites?

This is just a non-issue. The clothes are being auctioned off or given to charity, unlike the chartered plane rides that the Obama clan can't return.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I bet a fly on the wall hears this:

"Ok, ok, enuff about much is it gonna cost me to find a real-looking birth certificate, dammit?"

cube said...

windypoo: From your lips to Gods ears. Let's hope everyone sees through the sham that is Obama.

Please convery my gratitude for your son's service to our country. You should be so proud!

christian soldier: You're right. It is up to the bloggers because the MSM isn't going to publish anything against Obama. We need to get busy.

cube said...

steve h: You're not the first to bring up the whole phony birth certificate issue. Granny is the one person in the entire world that can clear it up. I hope she survives to tell the truth...

Z said...

Y'all know I HATE to be catty (!) but I heard one of Michelle's dresses cost $135 and I think she got ROBBED.

OBAMA CAN DO NO WRONG, FOLKS> WHEN are we going to GET THAT? The media's hiding EVERYTHING THEY DON'T LIKE and even CoNSERVATIVES are falling for it.

I have never seen anything like the dishonesty of the American Media. And, now I've got a Mom who emailed me saying her son in Iraq,on his 3rd or 4th deployment hasn't rec'd his absentee ballot he requested on time! He CAN'T VOTE, folks! If anybody has any input on that as far as who to contact, please come by and let me know..thanks.

cube said...

Z: It is disgusting to me to hear that once again our military people are being disenfranchised while liberal groups like ACORN are doing their extra-legal best to fraudulently pad the voter roles with fake votes and or ex-cons who have no business voting.

You can bet that this is because the military runs 70-80% republican (the exceptions is
blacks that run abotu 12% republican).

Jamie Dawn said...

We know SO MUCH about McCain's life. His life is an open book. His record is long. We know John McCain.
This allows us to be fully informed when we vote.

We do not know who Obama is. I want to know what he did as a community organizer, and I want to hear from those he "organized." I want to hear speeches he made over the years before being a state senator and during his time in the Illinois senate. I want to read papers he wrote in college. I want to know what he has accomplished over the years, and what he has fought for. It is disturbing that we know so little about this man.

Americans should be aided in every way possible by our media and given every scrap of information about the candidates. The media should be hunting down information about the candidates and leaving no stone unturned.

Jedi Master Daryl said...

Wow. That disgusts me. Of course that is just the tip of the iceberg to how much of our money he will waste on his own royal lifestyle when he is elected.


I'm not a big fan of the Grandpa and the Barbie campaign, either.

cube said...

j.d.: It's a clear choice for me. McCain's life is an open book whereas Obama's is a one big, fat question mark. That's not the kind of risk I want to take with something as vital as the presidency.

jedi master daryl: Believe me, McCain wasn't my first choice either, but faced with the present candidates, I will most certainly vote for McCain/Palin. If only because I believe their judgement will be in the best interest of our country. I can't say that I feel that way about Obama's judgement given the anti-American vibes I get from him & his wife.

Anonymous said...

We are past the point of being polite toward those inclined to vote for Obama. I am pragmatic concerning African American voters only to the extent that 1) they tend to go democrat in huge numbers and 2)obama is black.

That does not excuse the blind faith component or the total lack of return on their investment in voting so monolithically for years.

Sadly McCain is boxed in by the one prominent truth in politics; you can not tell painful truths.

I have written before about the 400 pound slob who is stunned to discover he has diabetes, the house flipper who leverages himself to bankrupcy or the loafer who is stunned to get fired.

Sure it is all their fault: you won't get their vote by telling them that!

Democrats don't have this problem as wretchedness is their export product and distraction is their marketing marvel.

We have been pushed back for years, giving up 5 yards and gaining back 4 and now find ourselves on the precepice of permanent minoriity status.

There is more to fear from an Obama, Pelosi, Reid, MSM alliance than many care to artuiculate.

While we may still win, the trend we find ourselves undergoing will not be turned without greater effort on the part of real conservtives selling the virtues of work, sacrifice, planning and delayed gratification.

It is far more difficult than offering free stuff to loafers and dopers and blaming bogeymen for their failures.

Then of course there is the hope the American People will vote to prevent this catastrophe. Here is hoping we save ourselves from Obama and the tyranny he would foster.


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

that picture was unreal.
And the left cries about fair play?