Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comrade Obama

Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines

Basically, this article makes the case that the educational system has not taught about the horrors of socialism and communism.

Well, with "education reformers" like Bill Ayers in charge, good luck that the ills of socialism/communism will ever be on the curriculum.

That said, you kiddies have a plethora of information at your disposal. A little intellectual curiousity about the world won't hurt. Educate yourselves before you run out and vote for the likes of Comrade Barack Hussein Obama. Start with the linked article.

Then think about this: Obama's links to many unsavory individuals would preclude
him from serving on the Secret Service which protects the President. How can he be trusted to be the president?

This blog is dedicated to keeping skulls mush-free so get out there and find the truth.


jan said...

Unfortunately communism sounds good to the naive and inexperienced who have never seen it in practice.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, Obama is not a communist. So there's not much point wasting time on that line of thought.

I think the American Thinker has a hard time fathoming that people are ready for a change in the White House. And the reasons for that lie largely within the Republican party, which has overseen the 8 most disastrous years in American history.

But you can relax, because 1) Obama is not a communist, and does not even qualify as a socialist and 2) the mess the Reps have left him will not be easy to clean up. So the game will be open again in four years.

cube said...

jan: I couldn't have said it better myself.

anonymous: Yikes! You're not even trying to pay attention to current events OR history. You couldn't be more wrong, but I'll give you partial credit for brave sounding words... even though you're not comfortable enough with your opinions to leave a calling card.

In any case, please don't worry about me & my relaxation, though, oh Brave One, I'll manage, will you?

Amlicar said...

The only letter we should be afraid of is F... for fear of being bamboozled by bullshitters from the Right wing backward Republicans

The last four years it was the T. for Terrorist.
Foolishly we held our eyes closed, awaiting the clor to turn from orange to red.

when we opened them, they stole all the money from the banks and splayed it all over..Iraq running after an enemy that was never there. we also splayed it without regulations. THAT IS WHERE THE ENEMY LIES .NOT IN SOME FRIGGING DISTORTED 'S' OR 'C' WORD.

The whole world is giggling at the infantile talking points of men and women who belong to a country who has more universities than some countries have proper housing.

When I was a teenager in high school we were making the same dopey arguments....Now we allow them to break, our finances and we are jibber jabber the same crap FROM the era our grand parents..Hahahaha!!!

Fortunately my grandfather guided me away in 1969 from such arsehole analysis, of 'looking the other way'. whilst the RAT slipped away with the foundations of the society.

What a waste of a brilliant country and people...hahaha!!

Forget the bullshit distraction of looking for the S word or the C word, under every word and deed. The S word nor the 'C ' word did NOT bring forth this disaster.

Be brave , be American, be strong, look for the source of the problem straight in the eyes..and call its name . and blaspheme it.
Its not communism or socialism....thats the trick card you are gaping at...silly!

cube said...

amlicar: From your comment, I really fear the B and the W...
bad writing.


Looks like you learned your English grammar at a democrat-controlled public school.

Perhaps your granpappy should've intervened scholastically instead of just politically.

Bigdaddyrichard said...

I salute you for not editing or deleting comments from highly partisan readers who have been mesmerized by the Obama craze and disillusioned by Obama's misdirected and socialist inspired call for a change in government leadership.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Obama and Putin have many of the same ideals.

WomanHonorThyself said...

mush free?..where do we find that Cube? good work girl!

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama was right about one thing: words matter. It is thus we realize how dangerously under-educated most Americans are. With incoherent propositions, you will always find erroneous conclusions based on fallacious arguments. I champion the right of everyone to express opinion, but what is missing is that introspection that always accompanies the argument of a wise man or woman: what do I believe, and why do I believe it?

There is no substance to talking points from either political party, but it is convenience to adopt them as our own and it does relieve us of any responsibility as citizens to perform independent research, to actually consider opposite points of view and try to understand how people formed them. It is from such exercises that we learn how to interpret or gauge other views from our own value systems. What I have learned over many years is that when people begin using expressions such as “BS,” it is largely the result of having nothing useful or meaningful to contribute—and while such expressions may offer an opinion, it is usually a pathetically uninformed one.

You are correct to point out that this is a result of a liberal education system; one in which 70% of annual graduates lack critical analysis skills. This is the danger to our nation, because it is true that an uneducated or under-educated society does not serve the interests of a free democracy. It is this recognition that encourages Democrats (nee, socialists and communists) to poison the well of education . . . because it suits their long-range purposes.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...


An open letter to the communist liars who have written to you today:

The incoherent are not pleased with calling the advocacy of taking from those who have earned it and giving it to those who covet it; communism or socialism or it's honest synonym-extortion.

The "Rich" is anyone with more than "me"!

This mess is due to people unwilling to pay for the stuff they want. Much of the world on the commie track blames its failure on the U.S. You know; If the U.S. wasn't thwarting our valiant effort it would work. Or, Cuba would be a worker's paradise if it weren't for the embargo.

Never mind that the embargo is observed only by the U.S. The rest of the world trades with Cuba and yet it is a basket case still!

Hmmm. Must be the republican's fault.

The facts are in; thus they must be ignored, boycotted or discrimminated against. Socialism, the gutless name for communism, can't work. You can not compell me to work for anyone other than myself and my family. Screw you.

That is how it works. Lazy people will always demand free stuff. They will always listen to smoothe talk promising more free stuff for them, higher taxes on the productive and punishment for those audacious enough to resist.

If America falls to the lazy loafers, the world's economy will collapse as the reward for productivity and innovation will be gone.

Porn, reefer, abortions, euthenasia, censorship and gun confiscation won't salvage the chimera created by the Neo-Stalinist thieves.

I don't love or even much like McCain but he is a man with a record who will be limited in his power, like Bush and all other presidents before him.

Obama will be the instrument that kills America as we know it. The first step will be censorship of his critics, followed by gun confiscation masked as common sense registration.

A move to repeal the 23rd ammendment will follow as the world in deep recession following the flight of money due to the monolithic control of the USA by now open communists (why lie any longer when all three houses and media are securely in control of the commucrats) needs an Obama unfettered by the artificial limit imposed by only 8 years in office.

Face it comrades give us credit for seeing you for what you are. We know you'll remember us if you win!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, socialism looks good on paper, and Obama's supporters want it (although they wouldn't say that out loud). They'll cry big baby tears when it actually comes true, costing them higher taxes, precious freedoms, and bringing about a decrease in the quality of everything the free market brings excellence to (medicine).
I love how they say 'income redistribution', as if that doesn't really indicate socialism. In the V.P. debate, Biden scolded Palin for repeating that phrase, which Obama has used, and said he preferred 'fairness'! Oh, okay.
That's scary as hell.
Communism is equality.
Everyone is equally miserable.


I'm not calling Obama a communist, but anyone with a brain cannot deny his ties to communists, and his deeply held beliefs regarding socialism, etc. Be honest, BO supporters. Intellectual integrity is a nice quality. Look into it.

Brooke said...

That graphic is da bomb!

Jamie Dawn said...

All Obama's warts should be displayed for all to see.
Then people can make a decision based on truth, not a well packaged puppet.
McCain's flaws should be in display too, as well.
The choice is clear to me.
I'll be voting for the McPalin ticket and hoping to God that McCain leans towards Palin's conservatism.

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