Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Review?

Zombie did the investigative work that the MSM journalists have refused to do...

Barack Obama's Review Of William Ayers' Book

I thought I heard one of Obama's spokesmen come out and deny that this review even happened.

Like Zeno, one of the commenters to Zombie's post said, "Obama Lied. And Media Objectivity Died."

That has a nice ring to it.


Z said...

it does have a 'nice ring'...sadly, it's for US 'for whom the bell tolls'


Hey, how weird is it that my word verification below to type starts with MR Z ??!!!

Jen said...

Is the general public that stupid? I'm starting to fear that they are.

Hey, I blogged! I'm trying to get back in the swing, and today seemed like a good day.

Jedi Master Daryl said...

Obama SCARES me. But the Son of Cain isn't much better.

Can we pick new people (NOT Hillary) and start the campaigning over?

cube said...

Z: Your comment reminds me of the old TV show -- One Day At A Time --- when Ms. Anne Romano sent a letter to the president that mentioned the bell tolling quote and the Secret Service came to her apartment. I hope you're wrong about this bell tollage. Really I do.

Reagan was the true Teflon president because he was able to function despite an adversarial press. Nobammy has had his water carried by the MSM in a way that a democratic republic has never seen. Our press is supposed to be free, but it is anything but. It's not about Teflon with Nobammy, it's all about the MSM's deliberate pass.

As far as your word verification goes, I can't explain it beyond simple coincidence, but I can always hope that it is a good omen for our side.

cube said...

jen: Good to hear from you again.

To answer your question, I'm hoping that there are more of us in the general public than there are 'stoopids'.

I'm not one to believe the polls, so we'll just have to wait and see on Election Day.

cube said...

j.m.d.: McCain wasn't my first choice either, but he's a far sight better than a liberal Marxist acolyte with black liberation theology hatred for America.

With Barack & Michelle Obama, I just can't get past the genuine dislike for America and everything that she stands for vibes that I get from this duo and everyone they've associated with for decades.

Call me what you will, but it's not what I want for America.

dmarks said...

There's nothing new about Hillary. And not only that, she has less experience than either Obama OR McCain.

Chuck said...

The reality is that we have come to a point in the media in which the left merely has to make the statement in order for it to be true.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The Obama campaign is hoping that their Lib minions are robotic dummies who don't pay attention -- nor care -- about the facts behind the poor judgment he used in picking the friends who could help get him to the top. He can deny it all he wants, but facts are facts. Sadly, for the Libs, it doesn't matter one whit.

Anonymous said...


I remember standing in a particular, leather upholsterd, elevator cab in a class-A office building some years ago. There are 5 such cabs in this building.

It is the same building, BTW, where a disgruntled asshat shot 5 of his former coworkers, killing three of them, in January,1993, but I digress.

On one of the panels in the cab in question, some a__hole had crudely scratched the words; "black revoluccion". Spelled just that way!

Over the many months that elapsed before a soluccion was found to repair the damaged leather panel, I had occaccions to think about the yin and yang of the crude battle scrawl so maliciously wriccen on the wall of that cab.

I concluded that there really are a whole bunch of really stupid and frustrated people out there that want stuff they aren't willing to work for and blame pretty nearly everyone else for their wretchedness.

It is these people who are ripe for the picking: bitter, stoned, covetous, frightened, corrupt, desperate,,, hopeless. These are Obama's voters.

While it is productive to ponder why these people aren't more introspective and self critical in their ability to fail in this country of unimaginable good fortune, it does us no good when we stop there.

As you can see, the ACORNs of the world cultivate these acrid seeds while we work hard and proceed with our responsibilities wondering why "they" don't get with the program.

While we toiled so did Obama. While I ridiculed the scrawler's seditious screed, the author's hatefuleness no doubt related, in some measure, to his horrific spelling; Bill Ayers was creating more of them.

There is a lesson there too. I hope we get a chance to learn it as victors in two short weeks because there is a lot of hate out there and it isn't wearing white hoods in front of a burning cross in a hill country holler.

We must do a better job of selling personal responsibility, accountability and free will. It may become a much tougher sell in two weeks. But necessary nonetheless.


Papa Frank said...

Sorry, the mussiah already said that he is NOT associated with Ayers and so we must not question. Hope!!! Change!!! Spread the wealth!!!

Brooke said...

Great catchphrase.

I think we can take any hope we have for media objectivity pulling through off the ventilator.

Anonymous said...

"I concluded that there really are a whole bunch of really stupid and frustrated people out there that want stuff they aren't willing to work for and blame pretty nearly everyone else for their wretchedness.

It is these people who are ripe for the picking: bitter, stoned, covetous, frightened, corrupt, desperate,,, hopeless. These are Obama's voters."

Charming. That's 50% of the American population, you think?

Anonymous said...


Responding to anonymous: Sadly, charming though my comment is, it is actually more like 60% of the populace. Some are identifiable as democrats, socialists, criminals, ETC., and will vote for Obooboo for the perception of free stuff!

Others are contrarian and nonlinear in their actions and importantly, reactions. Thus they are all over the road.

Then there are the bone stupid mixed in with all of us. Not much you can predict here as they, too, are led by their temptations and thus are malleable.

I'm being kind when I say 40% of us carry the other 60% as the tax rolls show the bottom 50% pay only 3% (That's three percent) of federal income taxes. Sorry but that is a fact. The nonsense that they still pay payroll taxes is a lovely canard now widely used to deflect the socialism charge accurately used to portray Fidel Oboohoo. That, to people who travel in facts, is known as your Social Security witholding. Now I guess the productive will have to provide that for the parasites too!

Sadly, the reds may win this one. Hard to accept but in the end we will prevail as there is just no satisfying the aquisitve loafer. In time he will resent the welfare broker too!

Anything this oversold must be crap, like new coke, and all the corrupt media hacks in the world won't be able to unsay the lies they told to make this disaster happen.

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