Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ghost Writer?

From the American Thinker comes another fascinating article in which Jack Cashill performs literary forensic analyses on NoBama's book and concludes that the evidence makes Bill Ayers a much more likely candidate than Obama to have written the best parts of 'Dreams Of My Father'.

Who Wrote 'Dreams Of My Father'?

Mr. Cashill ends with this:

"The Obama camp could put all such speculation to rest by producing some intermediary sign of impending greatness -- a school paper, an article, a notebook, his Columbia thesis, his LSAT scores -- but Obama guards these more zealously than Saddam did his nuclear secrets. And I suspect, at the end of the day, we will pay an equally high price for Obama's concealment as Saddam's."

Is anything about Obama for real? How anyone could confuse him for a Messiah, just doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Let's hope the American public doesn't vote for this poseur because it will be our country paying the highest price of all.


jan said...

I'm totally mystified by what people are thinking. Or not thinking.

BTW I made myself a superhero yesterday and everyone laughed at it.

Anonymous said...


Good work.

Looks like the McCain people are hitting hard and hitting well if the "maccacca" squeals are any indication.

While movies depicting the killing of our president are greeted warmly, columns, books, skits, parodies and farces portraying everything from murderous conspiracies to molestation of children are fair game when the subject is conservatives or republicans: free speech as you know. Every utterance by McCain or Palin is either overtly or covertly racsit or "guilt by association".

Obama is far more than a poseur: He knows his communist ideology must be concealed until 11/05/08.
He is disciplined enough to keep his mouth shut and has almost enough friends to force others to keep quiet as well.

Almost enough!

Remember a Socialist is a communist who dosen't want people to know.


Brooke said...

"Is anything about Obama for real?"

Only his intent to turn this country into a Socialist Hell.

cube said...

jan: I half expected to see it posted today.

QQ: You are spot on about NObama's socialist leanings. I sent an article from American Thinker to Rush yesterday. It discussed archives found that prove he was a member of the New Party, a socialist organization.

What more does America need to send this poseur packing come November?

It's very frustrating to see how events have been manipulated to bring this radical socialist so close to the presidency.

Chuck said...

We have never seen a smoke and mirrors candidate like this before.

Z said...

WE KNOW NOTHING REAL ABOUT THIS CANDIDATE.! Now, we're finding that Michelle and Berardine Dohrn worked together..but Obama "only lives in Ayers' neighborhood!" You can't make this UP!

RE: the book: NO WAY. Who do YOU know gets approached by big publishers after graduating from from COLLEGE and offered a book deal for memoirs (MEMOIRS?) and then sent to an island with the Mrs.(that'll be Michelle in this case) to chill while you write? Raise your hands. No, not even Michael Crichton got that sweet a deal for HIS first book, TRUST me!

The man's a LIAR. And then there's the problem IN the books where he says he resents the White blood in his veins? Oh, brother..just what all of America wants for a president.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

He is becoming a myth. Nobody knows the origin.

cube said...

brooke: That video is illustrative of the creepiness of Obammy voters.

chuck: NObama is certainly the most unqualified Affirmative action candidate ever. The smoke & mirrors is just designed to keep us from seeing the Marxist core.

cube said...

Z: You are so right. The skids have been greased for this empty vessel for his entire career. I think he's been groomed for this position by rich commies who want to see this country changed.

Change, my foot.

Deadly change for America is more like it.

cube said...

pcc: Just like his mythical birth certificate. And his mythical univesity records. And his mythical medical records. And his mythical associations with unsavory characters. And his mythical book deals.

Myths, tall tales, whoppers, um, I think the Obammy candidacy is a based on a package of lies.

Jungle Mom said...

I did find this poetry written by Obama;

By Steven Barrie- Anthony
I recently had the opportunity to do the next best thing. The enterprising student journalists I advise at Occidental College in Los Angeles - where Obama went before finishing his degree at Columbia - dug through old Oxy literary magazines to unearth two poems that Obama published in the spring of 1982. What better than the poetry of a 19-year-old college kid to unveil some inner workings of the grown man?


Under water grottos, caverns

Filled with apes

That eat figs.

Stepping on the figs

That the apes

Eat, they crunch.

The apes howl, bare

Their fangs, dance,

Tumble in the

Rushing water,

Musty, wet pelts

Glistening in the blue.

And I add;

The man is a genius !!! I mean, this is bothersome to me, who is stepping on the figs? And do figs crunch? Are they not rather..squishy? And, " Glistening in the blue." Blue, what??? Water? And what is the imagery for ..what? Is there a purpose here? Why do we care for these apes?

Sorry, I needed to rant!

cube said...

jungle mom: Good points. Part of this poem was included in the article I linked to so I'm familiar with this awful poetry.

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves, metaphorically speaking, what Obammy thinks are the apes and what are the figs?

The poem is bad, to say the least, but we're expected to believe that literary talent just fell upon Obammy at the age of 33. Yeah, right. Just how dumb do they think we are?

BTW it wasn't a rant so don't be sorry.

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