Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perfidious Powell

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, shown here getting jiggy with Nigerian hip-hop group Olu Maintain at the Africa Rising festival, has just announced his endorsement for president...

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama For President

Like Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Let the pussyfooting around this issue begin.


Anonymous said...


No surprise, sadly. For a General he has showed remarkable gutlessness over the past few years.

Let's review: 1991, It was Powell who insisted that President Bush '41' stop the campaign against Saddam after Gen. Shwartzkopf's forces flanked them and drove them out of Kuwait. The highway of death was too terrible an image for him. Sadly it was Powell who later complained about Bush 41 "not finishing the job". Though he never took responsibility for his role.

2003, Powell insists on replacing General Garner as civilian authority in Iraq after scarcely two months on the job. Powells choice, Paul Bremmer, fires all Baath party members, Sunni tribal sheiks and Iraqi army officers in an arrogant attempt to "appear" to rid the country of Saddam's influence. This act is the single biggest contribution to the insurgency as now Al Queda and the Fedayeen Saddam, ( at the time a troubling yet manageable problem) is joined by the now humiliated multitude of former officials and tribal fighters. The only people qualified to get the country's infrastrucure up and running again and more importantly, have the respect of the people, were fired on Powell's command.

Powell has much to account for: the number of dead and wounded Americans and Allies due to the size and length of the insurgency due to his "Good Taste" in ambassadors, the cost of the prolonged war and the amount of suffering by the Iraqi's who've had to endure the consequences of his experiment in nation building.

Yet he has taken no responsibility for his actions and the consequences thereof.

2003, Deputy Secretary of state Richard Armitage, 2nd in command to, and hand picked by Powell, leaks the name of CIA gadfly "agent", Valerie Plame, to reporter, Robert Novak, and others.

Powell knows about this within days of Novak's column and says nothing to this day. No reprimand or admonition is placed on Armitage while, for 3 years, dozens of people are subpoenaed, questioned, forced to testify and in one case, Libby, convicted for lying about the leak he actually had "NOTHING TO DO WITH". Not to mention the hysterical claims, rumors and innuendo generated, without a peep from Powell or Armitage, that sullied the names of people who had not so much as a tangential assosiaction with the "scandal". So bold of Powell to do the wrong thing repeatedly!

Still Powell, in the cowardly manner typical of government hacks that ruin something and deny blame or conversely, take credit for that which they had little or nothing to contribute, is looked upon as credible! No bias in media here!

Now Powell says Palin is unqualified for the presidency and yet the boy senator somehow is.

Sorry but there is more to the job than being a minority, as Powells entire affirmative action protected career amply demonstrates. Racism? Sorry, it was Powell who acknowledged his own debt to affirmative action.

Given the blocking Powell has received for his own incompetence it is no surprise he would return the favor to another over-rated hack.

Further, his gutlessness is proven by the time it took his timid ass to decide which candidate was more likely to win in his estimation. Again, very bold.

Given his horrificaly bad judgement and lack of integrity I am glad for two things especially: 1) He is wrong again and 2)There is no chance his incompetence and poor judgement will be needed in the McCain administration.


Anonymous said...

Powell's looking to garner some "popularity". He never was, nor never will be, a "Statesman".

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that the affirmative action general is lending his support to the affirmative action president.

dmarks said...

Colin is kind of left-wing, so it is not surprising.

The Phoenix said...

I saw him on the news this morning. I wasn't shocked, but disappointed. Having an Obama sign in your yard is the fad right now.

cube said...

QQ: I agree with you about Powell's gutlessness and lack of accountability for said gutlessness. I have often referred to him as the "weak sister" of the Bush administration. Look how much it earned Pres. Bush to appoint him as Secy. of State. A big fat zero. Feckless fealty.

fj: He's no statesman in my book either, but perhaps he hopes to be one of the gray beards in NObama's administration.

anonymous: AA has gotten us into quite the pickle, hasn't it? We can't even disagree with NObama without being called racists or bigots. It will only be worse if, God firbid, Obama gets elected.

cube said...

dmark: Yeah, his republican beliefs ran a mile wide and an Angstrom deep.

phoenix: Not in my neighborhood. Of course this is by no means a scientific study, but we are seeing way less Obama signs than we saw Gore/Liebermann and Kerry/Edwards signs in past elections.

dmarks said...

There are far many more Obama signs than I ever saw for any previous Democrat. They greatly outnumber the McCain signs.

I did see one yard that had both Obama and McCain signs. I might get a picture of that one.

cube said...

dmarks: It must be neighborhood related. In mine that's not the case.

christian soldier said...

To have our military under the 'thumb' of b.h.o. is truly a scary thought! it would be worse than carter or clinton....(lower case on purpose!)
as to c.powell - there were few in the officer ranks who thought that he 'deserved' his advancements...
I always enjoy reading your posts on your site and your comments on mine.

cube said...

christian soldier: I can't agree more. The Carter & Clinton administrations would be a picnic in the park compared to the damage an Obama administration could perpetrate, especially with a democrat supermajority.

Americans need to wake up & smell the noxious fumes of NObammy before it is too late.

Jedi Master Daryl said...

Is that picture for real?

You MUST be a Trekkie with 47 in your Earl.

cube said...

jedi master daryl: You are right on both counts.

That picture is for real.

And I am a Trekkie. Perhaps I might even qualify as a master Trekkie ;-)

Z said...

Powell's endorsement has ruined my day...and it'll probably ruin the country.

Loved your line to Chuck about lurkers and changing their minds, because we sure aren't changing the minds of our lefty trolls or our dear Conservative blogger buddies....

Let's hope our Google links bring people who could be persuaded.......we've gotta be doing this for something or we ARE 'tetched' in the head, Cube!! xx

Chuck said...

To be honest, I really was not surprised. I expected it all along. I am dissapointed however.

For quote of the day go here

"Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote in an e-mail. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with."

Rush Limbaugh

Frasypoo said...

Thankyou for the encouraging comment!A half mar. was something that I wanted to do before I turned 35 and its marked of my list!

Anonymous said...

The conservative blogger Rattler Gator posted, I think, a good comment concerning this endorsement and possible motivations behind it, much of which I think I agree with.

The post is at


Anonymous said...

Let's win one for Joe the Plumber
Joe symbolizes the American Dream, that through hard work and self-determination, you can achieve financial success.

Obama wants to take that dream away. He does not respect the hard work you do to earn your money. He does not respect any sacrifices you may have had to make in order to achieve your dreams.

Obama thinks you deserve nothing, that the money you have worked for is not yours to claim. Obama thinks that money should belong to him, to redistribute as he sees fit.

Obama has a dream that would prove to be a nightmare for Joe, and all the millions of Americans like him.

We conservatives need to get off our @sses, and do whatever it takes to strip Obama of his communist dream, before he destroys ours.

Let's win this election for Joe the Plumber, and send that b@stard Obama back from where he came.

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