Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dem Voter Fraud

Can't a democrat cheat at elections?

Ohio Elections Chief Challenges Court Ruling

On Tuesday, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati sided with the Ohio Republican Party and ordered Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a democrat, to set up a system that provides names of newly registered voters whose driver's license numbers or Social Security numbers don't match records in other government databases.

Today, Brunner has appealed this decision to the Supreme Court.


As a side note, I Googled this subject several ways and all I kept pulling up was FOX News related articles.

Gosh, could this be why NObama is Attacking FOX News In N.Y. Times Magazine today because if not for them, he'd be higher in the polls?

Waaahhhh. Those evil Republicans won't let us cheat, lie, and suppress the truth.



Brooke said...

You gotta be KIDDING me! She's gonna stall this up till the last second!

Just yesterday she said she'd comply with the order.

cube said...

Apparently its a democrat's perogative to change their mind at the drop of a fraudulent voter registration form.

Brunner has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

It makes me sick to my stomach to
imagine a Supreme Court appointed by Obama with a dem super majority...

Deval Patrick?
Hillary Clinton?
Jesse Jackson?
the Freddie Fannie Mac Mae duo? Maxine Waters?
the venerable professor of education William Ayers?

Couldn't Mumia abu Jamal serve while in prison?

cube said...

I'm just listening to Rush going on about how even FOX's post debate coverage wasn't fair & balanced.

I didn't watch any of it, so don't worry about me Rush.

ललित said...

Hey "Cube". Love your blog. You must be wondering how I stumbled across it. Actually I clicked on the link in your comment on a post in another blog in which you described our next president as the "magical mystery negro". I said to myself, "Y'know, I really have to find out more about this racist individual." (My name's written in a foreign language but I'm as lily white as you undoubtedly are.)
Luckily your blog has proven you to be exactly what I expected. Thanks for making my smug superiority so easy.
Speaking of knee-jerk crackpots: did you know that our old pal "Joe the plumber" (aka "Joe the ringer") has his name misspelled on his voter registration. So by your party's blessed rubric he shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Jim Crow forever! Have fun not approving this message and keeping your 12 ignorant visitors/day safe from liberal media truth.

ललित said...

Sorry. I'll leave you alone in a minute, Cube, but I just noticed two things:

1) Your profile lists "Star Trek" under your interests

2) Two of the comments on this post are from YOURSELF.

And now two are from me... your new, biggest fan.

Chuck said...

Obama was on the Alfred Smith banquet tonight whining about Fox. Libturds hate Fox because finally they have to answer for what they do and say. There is another viewpoint given. They are not used to scrutiny, they're used to having the MSM feed the public the liberal talking points. Your troll friend above is proof of that.

cube said...

new biggest fan: lol. I love it when I touch a nerve in a tolerant liberal psyche and get the predictable squeal.

Thanks for loving my blog as much as I do.

cube said...

chuck: I heard about the whining. Liberals hate dissent. It makes their tolerant ears bleed.

Brooke said...

Silly troll.

Was it not the L.A. Times that called Obama "the Magic Negro?"

Oh, and Cube... You'd better not respond to my comment. LOL!

Hey, now I have two comments. Do I tie for 'biggest fan'?


Anonymous said...


I didn't like the way you referred to me as a wild man thus you must be a racist.

As there was an instance when my opinion conflicted with a fact you once presented, I must conclude you are a racist.

In fact at any time my argument or presentation is called into question I, as a dutiful, talking point spewing, psuedo intellectual, will respond with that golden epithet-Racist!

That will teach you to discuss science, engineering, economics or anything else those with little or no mathematical or scientific ability (you know, dumb-asses) are baffled by. After all when we are flummoxed by logic all we have left is...Rascist!

Sure beats the truthful "ist" accusation directed at Obama-Marxist

Sempre Fi


Mike R said...

Hey ललित, it's funny you found Cube leaving a racist comment on another blog as I did as well. It amazes me that in the year 2008 we have people out there who are not ashamed of being a biggot.

cube said...

brooke: Yes, you can!

QQ: Et tu, Queequag? Anything but that dreaded 'R' word that strikes horror in the hearts of guilty white liberals ;-)

mike r: Oh no! Anything but that dreaded 'B' word that strikes horror in the hearts of guilty white liberals ;-)

Anonymous said...


Add me to the list of "proud to be a bigot". Here are my examples:

I am vehemently unqualified-a-phobic!

I freely discriminate against liars!

I'm biased against voter fraud!

I HATE criminals!

I loathe backstabbing traitors!

I am profoundly commited to capitalism!

I am disgusted by Obama's attempt to cut off funding of our troops.

You get the idea.

Obama isn't even a competent senator so he damn sure isn't ready to be president.

Seriously, The Obobo machine has discovered your blog; congratulations.

Notice the script MikeR used in his sophmoric post?

Interesting that the gibberish name of the first troll was so readily applied in the 2nd troll's post!

Wonder how many obamunists there are trolling about other blogs. Hey, if they can sabotage the financial markets three weeks before an election I think they can muster a bunch of panty- wearing sophists to hurl epithets at critcs of the O-hole.

The definition of racism is now anyone against Obama; count me in.

This should really boost your viewer-ship. Remember when they can't parry your argument they go adhominem! It means your kicking their cowardly asses.

Go Cube!!!

Semper Fi


ललित said...

First, a big, liberal mea culpa for assuming you'd remove my post. Too many bloggers all across the political spectrum over-filter their comments. Shabosh! (That's hindi/urdu for "great job!" Yes, the alphabet I used isn't gibberish, It's the language of India and Pakistan. I'm studying it in order to help my career and to broaden my mind. The government offers lots of scholarship help because they know that the real terrorists are based in places like Pakistan, not the University of Illinois.)
I'm afraid I have to mention, though, that while you let my post stay up neither you nor your laissez-faire genius-club has addressed the key point of my argument. Is the real voter fraud on the left or the right? ACORN sent in a lot of obviously fake registration forms because the law insists that they send in ALL the forms they get. The forms in question were unlikely to be used by voters.
"Hi, my name is Tony Romo, starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. I'd like to vote now."
On the other side, the right has used and abused their power and control of the justice department to over-prosecute the incredibly small number of incidents of voter fraud in an effort to chill the electorate in poor/black neighborhoods. Which is not to mention the efforts to limit voting booths in those same neighborhoods or hiring off-duty police to stand in uniform near polling places.
To be sure, having a Democratic rival who comes out of the Chicago machine must give you Kennedy-stealing-Cook-County-1960-flashbacks; but may I remind you that the right stirred up such nasty sentiment against Kennedy (employing similar red-baiting, racial and religious propaganda) that they incited a lone whackjob to assassinate him... and got Lyndon Johnson! I'm just saying that maybe some civility is in order here.
Sorry I called you a racist!

dmarks said...

"....hiring off-duty police to stand in uniform near polling places."

How can that possibly hinder voting? Are the cops blocking the door or something????

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