Friday, October 17, 2008

Wealth Distribution

From Michelle Malkin comes: The Left Declares War On Joe The Plumber

It's not about Joe, it's about the dough!

Obama wants to "spread the wealth around" because "it's good for everybody."

Oh no, NObama. That's not good for the people who work hard because they want their share of the American Dream.

Dissent now, because once the Obama radical/socialist/Marxist paridigm takes root, the thugs will come for your money and then they'll come for you.

Vote McCain/Palin


Shover Robot said...

No kidding!!!

I totally Agree! Voting for McCain/Palin

christian soldier said...

cube-viewed Transformers again yesterday and thought of your cubic symbol-Thought I'd pay you a visit..
Just finished a post concerning Joe the Plumber on my blog-

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Socialists suppressing free speech and punishing anyone who dares speak his mind. Imagine that.

Always On Watch said...

The silencing of voices continues. See my top post.

Always On Watch said...

Wealth redistribution is communism.

cube said...

shover: I knew I could count on the smartest robot I know in the blogosphere.

christian soldier: I haven't seen Transformers, but now you have peaked my curiousity. I must check out the movie and your post about Plumber Joe.

mustang: History is replete with examples of this, as I'm sure you know. The problem is with those folks who never bother to crack a history book.

I wasn't alive during the Depression or during WWII, but I made it my business to learn about them beyond scope of what I was taught in school.

I urge these young Obama voters to research the "economic malaise" of the Carter administration and educate themselves about the high unemployment rate, the high finance rates, the gas shortages, etc..

I'd gladly take a third Bush term over a second Carter term made worse by Obama & his socialist/black liberation theology baggage.

cube said...

aow: That is some scary stuff indeed. And if they implement the "Fairness Doctrine", there will be more stifling of free speech.

Don't think they can't come for you, because they can and they will, if you don't tow the party line.

birdwoman said...

Didn't Sen. Clinton say things along these lines and get crucified for them? Something about she knew what to do with your money?

Thing is, I see Sen. McCain making the same promises without telling where the $$ would come from. So. At least Sen. Obama is an honest socialist.


cube said...

bw: I got news for you, but Hillary was a disciple of Saul Alinsky just like Obama. In my book, there's not a whole lot of difference between the two.

McCain favors cutting taxes which actually raises the amount of money the government raises because it generates more
economic growth. A rising tide raises all boats.

To me, an honest socialist is only marginally less horrible than a dishonest one.

cube said...

Goshdarnit, Joe the Plumber just asked a question. We can't ask questions anymore?

What in the world will America be if NObama is elected?

cube said...

I just realized to my horror, that I have 4, count 'em, 4, comments on this post... oh my word, however will I explain this to my trolls?

Oh the humanity!!!

cube said...

I just realized to my renewed horror that I have 5 comments on this post... oh my, however will I ezplain that to my trolls?

Anonymous said...


While I know science is your AE, I can tell you that Biz is mine!

I run one and degreed in finance with a minor in economics. I'm no Milton Friedman (but wish I was!) but I can tell you why Oblowhole is full of crap.

First, his $250,000 canard doesn't account for S corporations. The vast majority of small businesses are S type corps, that carry earnings over onto their personal tax filings. Yes he mentions them but his "math" is phony and it doesn't add up. If you gross $575,000 and your total costs are $425,000 that leaves a net profit of $150,000. Before taxes! Taxes are a cost too. How will these costs be treated by Obobo? Guess what your taxable basis will be under Oboohoo? Trick questions!

Since there is no truth to the $250K shiboleth it (taxable basis)must be projected to apply to the gross income. Hence the terror in world finacial markets lately. Credit crisis? Marxist crisis is more like it.

2) There is generally no understanding about how busineses (due to the necessity of some understanding of mathematics- strenuously avoided by pre-law and journalism majors!) are run, by the MSM. Hence the concept of gross income versus net income is a distinction without a difference to the average mope who thinks all business owners are rich anyway!

3) The idea that a plumber can't make over $250 K/ year is more commie B.S. I know several specialty contractors who generate all of that and more in a given year. Because these are high skill positions with, often, very little real competition, the money these people EARN can be outstanding.

Don't believe that? Good! it keeps asshats from attempting to poach my clients! OOPS!

Really you (Asshats) should think about sales, journalism or law school. You don't want to get a boo boo or get dirty now do you!

One last note. The idea that you aren't a plumber or carpenter or locksmith unless you are "union" or have a license is extremely funny!

But coming from the King Of Bullshit; Joe Biden, the phoniest "blue collar" poser alive, it's no surprise it is taken as gospel by the ankle grabbing MSM.

It is all academic anyway as 1) the reds will not win the election, 2) if they did they would renege on the 95% crap within days of the election theft anyway (OH!), 3) The idea of taking money from people that pay INCOME TAXES and "Redistributing" it to even more people who don't pay INCOME TAXES ( now at an unsustainable 34% of the electorate)is not a tax cut. It is welfare. Nor does it help establish an economy that works. It furthers and encourages a sorry and predictable trend toward greater parasitism than what we already have to bear.


2:35 PM

Susan Critelli said...


You have made several comments in recent weeks on my blog. This is my first visit here, and I must say I am honored to have someone of your caliber as a regular reader.

Your blog rocks, and so do your regular readers! I am loving all the comments - especially the one just above from QueeQueg.

I am a homeschooling mom and a network marketer - on the one hand, theoretically a poor single income family (though I believe in the homeschooling community we call it "frugal"), but on the other theoretically able to become rich as Croesus, and hence subject to Oblowhard's tax on the rich.

At the moment, we are somewhere in between.

I do, in fact hang with some network marketing people who make way more than Obama's annual income threshold in just a few months. What mystifies me is that this one guy in particular is a supporter of NObama, and he doesn't get it that he is going to get soaked under NObama's plan.

What's the deal? Obimbo's supporters don't respond to reasoning, facts, or common sense. They are unable to see his socialist agenda, no matter how many ways from Sunday you describe it. They just smile and nod, and you can almost hear the angelic choir in the background as they extol his virtues and chant "Yes, we can." I am finding this not only with networkers, but with gun owners and homeschoolers, both of whom Oboogieman would gladly legislate out of existence if he were to be elected.

Enough of my rant. Thanks for some great reading!

tracifish said...

It's just scary how the left is harassing him like this. I'm afraid for our future.

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