Monday, October 06, 2008

Red Obama

Obama's Message Has Roots In Soviet Influence

This one is a must read, but let me warn you... if you're anything like me, it might give you nightmares.


Nancy said...

This is why I think ultimately Obama will not get elected, I think people sense who he is and I suspect they will do the right thing on election day. If not, well, he will be a one term Jimmy Carter.

cube said...

nancy: I'm more nervous about NObama winning through voter fraud than winning legitimately because I share your belief in the average American doing the right thing come election day.

BTW I think Obama will make the Jimmy Carter administration look like a picnic.

Brooke said...

What you two said, especially about the voter fraud.

Believe me, it's insane here in Ohio.

reojames said...

Cube, This post would be laugh-out-loud funny if it wasn't so true!
Well, actually, it IS laugh-out-loud funny.
I still fear Obuma will be elected.
I'm moving to Canada...or maybe I'll go to Alaska. I hear they have GREAT leadership!

Anonymous said...


Like your favorite harpooneer always says; vote Republican. At least the disgusting, corrupt, bought and paid for press will be adversarial to them.

With commucrats the press act as propagandists. Sorry but only a RETARD would feel comforted with that.

Obobo seems like a communist because he is a communist.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hi Cube..and they call US paranoid gets better daily..what a freak show this has become!

cube said...

brooke: Oh yeah, you live in Ohio. I can relate. It'll probably get really crazy in Florida soon.

reojames: It's not over yet. Have faith.

QQ: Good point. The press only acts adversarial when there is a republican in office. What better reason to vote republican? It doesn't heal the broke MSM, but it will provide some checks & balances for the libbies.

cube said...

woman: Every day is an adventure.

commoncents said...

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Z said...

I can't read it.
I woke up this morning after dreaming I was intellectually wrestling with a friend who supports Obama.."how can I convince her not to?"
I'm worn out!

Sorry, but I think that if we don't lose legally, voter fraud's going to kill McCain/Palin.

cube said...

commoncents: Thank you. Link away. I don't have a blogroll, but do plan on visiting your site.

Z: Funny you should mention dreams... I dreamed that I was trying to find Oak Clusters cereal at Sam's Club & many sales people tried but couldn't find it. HA! There's no such thing.

All kidding aside, once you recover, make a point of reading this article because it gives actual names to the commies that have infiltrated our media for years. We've been played for years.

Anonymous said...


This is precisely the reason for the current turmoil in international stock markets; Relating to far bigger concerns than credit, mortgages, commodity prices, etc. The markets are in turmoil precisely because of the bogus push polling and outrageous propaganda propelling Obama.

The productive world, those who actually produce things or services are afraid that the unholy alliance of media and powerful leftists are succeeding in undermining the present paradigm in order to install Obama and throw out the last obstacle to their domination of the world.

The U.S. constitution.

The productive are rightly fearful of this cabal and the damage they are doing to our economy. Hence the falling stockmarkets around the world.

The parasites, useful only for the votes they will provide, will never have it better than they do right now if they get there way. Sadly they are too stupid, corrupt or stampeded to understand.

McCain may be getting it finally. Only his win will stop the crisis as what is happening is purely a response of the worlds productive people fleeing the real probability of world wide, economy destroying, tyranny led by Obama and his powerful handlers.

It is clearly change...As in disaster.


Jamie Dawn said...

As I see our country slide towards socialism, it really, really scares me.
This bailout angered and sickened me.
We'll see if our nation is ready for socialism by whom we choose to elect as president. If people are paying attention, they will not vote for Obama, even if they are not thrilled about McCain.

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