Friday, October 03, 2008

Biden Blather

No, not ten times. You "misrepresented" the truth fourteen times last night according to Towhall's Amanda Carpenter.

Biden Tells 14 Lies During VP Debate

LittleGreenFootballs blog adds to that list:

Biden: Doesn't Know The Difference Between Gaza & West Bank; And Lebanon Nonsense

Read 'em and weep, Joe.

...but don't cry too much because you might undo the recent eyejob that makes it look like you have paperclips holding up your eyelids.

UPDATE: Jim Gerahty's list at the Campaign Spot is longer: The Biden Error/Lie/Hallucination List (UPDATED to 22)

Let's all go down to Katie's Restaurant for a cup of joe ;-)


Jungle Mom said...

Great links. I added them to my post.

Nancy said...

Exactly, he lied and she did great. She won over alot of middle america last night.

cube said...

jungle mom: As a swim mom, and
previously a cross-country mom, I approve of your comment ;-)

nancy: How can anyone, in this day & age, expect to lie 16 times during a debate & not get their feet held to the fire for it? Simple, because the MSM is trying to smooth the Big Zero's path to being God Emperor of all things liberal.

I can only hope Middle America isn't listening to the MSM.

jan said...

Biden is at his best when he is questioning someone on a Senate committee. He can talk for 15 minutes and never quite get to the question.

Anonymous said...

Phony polls to show Biden won. Phony polls to show Ohole in the lead (just enough!) and demeaning 10 years of executive experience (Palin's but of course not Bill Clintons prior to his admin.).

Yet not a peep about the LIES about clean coal, Lies about his son's duty in Iraq (fighting=LIE: Litigating=truth), and the insane rants about FDR on TV in '29' or clean, fresh, articulate Ohole, or needing an Indian accent to enter a Duncan Donuts store in Delaware! And there is far more.

I better not find out about any anti Hussein voters who stayed home on 11/04/08.

This kind of organized crime must be fought.


Anonymous said...

sarah palin was fantastic - she won hands down. more so she is young and hungry, biden has lost that eye of the tiger. he looked sombre and unpassionate. if nesessary i think think she would make a fantastic president, and would fight terror till the end.

Chuck said...

I think she did great. She made one mistake though, and it's not a small one, she did not caall him on these things very well. If she had, I think she would have scored a knockout.

ep said...

I went to the link provided that listed the "lies" that Biden told.

First the list would be more credible if it wasn't produced by the McCain campaign. A third party source for instance. Second, a lot of what they claim were 'lies' were not.

Both candidates weren't 100% on target as you can see here:

I do appreciate you stopping by my site to comment though, hope to see you again,


Erik said...

Yup...a parade of lies and deception from both sides. Surprised?

cube said...

jan: Biden can talk for 15 minutes and never get to the answer... or at least never get to the truth... that's the Joe Show.

QQ: Your blood pressure must be through the roof. You really need to get a grip on your emotions. I know it's hard to deal with the libtards but it's not over yet. Keep the faith, dude.

consservative news: I think Palin is as naive on foreign policy as was Bill Clinton & George Bush were when they were called to service. She is a quick study & will learn what she needs to know faster than you can write a negative comment about her.

I don't want the leader of the free world to be someone who can memorize a bunch of stats, I want that person to be someone whom I can count on to make the best decision possible given the circumstances.

I most definitely believe that Sarah Palin will make decisions that will benefit the USA every which way over the Marxist, Leftist Radical, Black Liberation Theology, Globalist Obama-man.

cube said...

chuck: I agree. I think she should've trounced the dems on the Freddie Fannie Mac Mae fiasco. McCain didn't use the facts, so I'm assuming Palin was pulled back from using them as well. I just don't get why McCain doesn't use perfectly good ammunition against the enemy. You know they'd use it against him in a New York minute.

The McCain campaign doesn't confer with me for advice.


cube said...

ep: If you wanted a fair representation of the debate affairs, you should've referred to the Olbermann site.

Bwa ha ha ha.

cube said...

erik: I'm just guessing, but a ratio of about 16 to 1, maybe 16 to 2, (if you include some of the numbers & if you're a policy wonk, you'll know what I'm talking about) that's not anywhere near a parade of lies & deception from both sides.

I would say the lies & deception are clearly parading along one side and that's NObama's side.

Erik said...

You may see more on one side than the other. I'm not just scoring a debate between a false dichotomy, I listen to the premises that they set as truth before presenting their ideas, proposals, prejudices and plans. It sickens me.

It doesn't make me feel better when a politician believes their own lies.

I find no comfort in choosing sides when both sides suck.

cube said...

erik: In a perfect world, that would make sense. But in our imperfect world, one way to measure the BS factor is to count the ways the BS flows...

By a factor of 16:1 (maybe 2, if I'm feeling generous), Biden made the BS factor flow. Surely, that must account for something?

Erik said...


It counts for counting, I suppose. :) I live in a perfect world.

I see no point in arguing between two false options. I'm offended/disgusted/ashamed that either will have the opportunity to represent my country and feel no draw to choose between the two when there are other options.

Anonymous said...


Per Erik's comments and your responses, you well remember my lack of swoon for McCain.

I like conservatism. I believe in partisanship when dealing with the corrupt democrats. I don't like pretending the media is fair. Fact check .org is crap.

The deck is stacked against republicans and conservatives. If that is not clear to voters of all persuasions then they are stupid, brainwashed, corrupt or all three.

Biden's "command" of senate minutae is CRAP. Anyone else spewing numbers in such "quasi" precision would be rightly accused of lying. As in mortgage broker, stock broker, used car sales, bullshit!

Biden and Ohole gave less money to charity than I did for the last ten years. Hint; He makes far more!

Yet where is the scorn for him and his even more dishonest and less qualified running mate?


This country can not survive government with no checks and balances.

Democrat control of the executive, legislative and media branches equals the end of this country as a free nation.

Choose as you please but don't deceive yourselves into thinking voting against McCain on principle helps this country become anything other than ruined.


Anonymous said...

Palin showed she could stand toe to toe with Joe Biden, a man who has been in the Senate since I was a kid. Biden is the problem and has never ventured from his hard left positions. Palin comes across as fresh, hopeful and future looking. Biden is the sad past.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Biden is at his best when he is questioning someone on a Senate committee. He can talk for 15 minutes and never quite get to the question

He actually had a great one-liner during the primaries, when asked about his reputation for it.

cube said...

QQ: I concur. Just imagine how much worse it would be if NObama gets elected with a liberal House, Senate, and the MSM.

cube said...

Conservative: Palin kept her cool. She didn't let Biden's wide Daffy Duck grin rattle her either.

wordsmith: Are you going to tell us what Biden's great one-liner was?

Voracious Reader said...

I'm beginning to worry about Nov. 4th. We may be ringing the bell for the demise of republicanism in the US and the birth of a socialist regime.

cube said...

voracious: I'm more worried about the dems stealing the election through voter fraud than I am of our side losing it.

I do find it a bit disconcerting to see the 'gimme free stuff' mentality trying to overtake what used to be an ethos of hard work & rugged individualism not beholding to the government.

Woe is us if we allow this to continue.

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