Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tenured Radicals

3247 Academics Sign Pro-Ayers Petition

Among the people who signed the petition are No. 5, Columbia University professor of Arab studies Rashid Khalidi, and No. 814, former University of Colorado at Boulder professor Ward Churchill.

More friends of Obama.


Kris said...

is anyone listening?

Brooke said...

Birds of a feather...

Forget the clue. Get them a slap in the face!

Brooke said...

I notice a few duplicate signatures, too.

#507, 509 are both Pamela Anee Quiroz.

#510,511 are both Annette Henry.

#785 Wing Ding Weisenheimer of Barber College.

#1071, 1097 are both Rosemary Hooper.

#1150 is blank.

#1393 is a duplicate Ward Churchill.

Deborah Stern is on twice.

Funny, I didn't notice Julio Pino of Kent State on there...

cube said...

kris: I hope so. A person with Obama's stack of negatives shouldn't be anywhere near the US Presidency. Too bad the press has abrogated its journalistic duties.

brooke: America haters flocking together.

I'd settle for their side losing the election.

Brooke said...

I signed it as OBL's driver, Salim Hamdan.


Kent State, of course.

cube said...

brooke: Either they are so clueless they can't even sign a petition properly or they're inflating their numbers.

You didn't happen to see Mickey Mouse on there, did you?

Anonymous said...

I just read that a Replican Managers home was shot up over McCain/Palin signs in his front yard.

Mark my word, and I hope I am wrong but I do not think so, I am convinced that in the not far distant future, a civil war is coming.

dmarks said...

Don't worry too much. ACORN was put on the job, and as a result, 63% of the signatures were invalid. The included duplicates, every member of the Justice League of America, and the entire roster of the 1938 New York Yankees.

Anonymous said...

This morning, I listened to some nimrod professor defend Ayers and then whine about receiving several hundred “hateful and threatening” emails. He alleges that Ayers is not a terrorist, but the people who sent the emails are.


Is it me, or does this professor have a serious cranial disconnect? I’ve never heard of terrorism by email before, but even if that were true . . . maybe this dim bulb shouldn’t be supporting terrorists who use explosives and actually kill people. And perhaps he shouldn’t be a professor, either. Obviously, this is the long-term consequences of drug use.

cube said...

anonymous: Last night Mr. Cube witnessed the vandalism of our neighbor's McCain/Palin sign and he reported it to the police. I'd be curious to know if the three peaceful & tolerant citizens were caught... one of them was in a wheelchair!

dmarks: Not Aquaman and Wonder Woman too!!!

dmarks said...

By the way, have you read Orson Scott Card's famous and recent newspaper column?

cube said...

mustang: I watched the same interview. Colleges and
universities are full of these boneheads and their pretzel logic.

It frustrates me to no end that we pay copious amounts of money for these lunatics to proselytize to our kids who are basically a captive audience that can't argue
for fear of a bad grade.

They breath a rarified air in the halls of academia.

cube said...

dmarks: Yes. See my post from 10/22/08. The title "Bias Ender" is a play on Card's excellent book, "Ender's Game", and contains a link to the open letter.

cary said...

Dupes out the wazoo: At least 88 duplicates, of those, two "educators" signed three times (Annete Henry, #81, 510, 511; Mhari-Anne Lowrie #1078, 1104, 1574), and one signed four times (Peter McLaren, #63, 591, 721, 1681).

There is also a defender of democracy, who goes by #1267 "Rebecca K" - don't want to get too specific, Rebecca? You and your friend, # 361 "Alisa" really need to figure out how to sign petitions.

The pomposity award would have to go to #123, "David Lempert, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A., E.D. (Hon)".

The number of signers from Columbia/Chicago, UIC/Chicago, Chicago Area Public Schools and other Chicago organizations tells us where the petitions originated. Cal State is also very well represented.

I'm wondering if they should really be counting the ones who list themselves as students (#2930) or Concerned Citizens (#1491, 915, 1847, 1960, 737, 2233, 1142) or Community Organizer (Organiser) (Mhari-Anne, above; 2280, 1647)? After all, isn't this a petition of educators? And, if you are an educator, wouldn't you identify yourself as such in order to help validate the petition?

Before you ask, I was bored.

jan said...

Has anyone checked to see how many of these guys know, still alive?

cube said...

cary: Kudos to you and brooke for doing the investigative work the MSM should've done.

Idiots or cheaters, either way, they're pathetic.

jan: lol! Well, we know they're brain dead ;-)

Chuck said...

Saw one of these whackjobs interviewed by Meagan Kelly on Fox this am, she ate him up. His big claim was that Ayers wasn't a terrorist because he didn't target civilians. Guess he was a freedom fighter.

Saw speculation that a lot of these idiots didn't even really know what they were signing, just signed it.

cube said...

chuck: Meagan Kelly may be blonde, but she's anything but a blonde when it comes to her skills as a journalist. She is a formidable opponent.

I get realy tired of the whole
whole freedom fighter vs. terrorist canard. It's a very convenient tool of the left to label anyone they agree with politically.

You point out that these idiots didn't really know what they were signing... it just shows their lack of judgement & common sense.

Do we really want to put one of these radical Marxist professor types in charge of the USA?

Good God, I hope everyone comes to their senses and votes this poseur outtathere.

dmarks said...

"the whole
whole freedom fighter vs. terrorist canard"

To me, it depends on what you are fighting for. Ayers/etc were fighting for the brutal conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam and the USSR. When it was completed, a couple of million South Vietnamese were slaughtered in reprisals. The place is to this day one of the most repressive regimes in the world. As was predicted by those in the 1950s and 1960s supported the cause of South Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.

One of the worst human rights records on the planet.

That is what Ayers fought for.

cube said...

dmarks: These radicals, despite having been raised in one of the most prosperous countries in the history of the world, still feel disdain for said country. Is there one word that adequately captures the essense of these rich, spoiled brat, children-people?


I, for one, don't want their ideology overwhelming my country.

Vote McCain/Palin.

Z said...

Well, you easy on Obama..he WAS only EIGHT when Ayers was killing as many people as he possibly could...You all heard of the holocaust? yes? But you weren't even BORN YET!?

Professors have ZERO respect from me anymore.........they've ruined this country, they shouldn't get a handshake. And, OH, are the loony leftist kids in ecstacy over their big heroes and isn't that 'mean old Republican bunch" nasty for suggesting their heroes are unAmerican? (except they'd look at UNAMERICAN as a compliment, right? )gggrrrrr

christian soldier said...

Just found out for 'sure' the my 30+ nephew is one of THEM--not a professor-an engineer trained by UofM professors...This election cycle brought out his 'dark side'..I still love him but---

Anonymous said...

A whloe Sh_tload of asswipes signed a petition! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH that changes everything.


Ducky's here said...

Well Cube, for 30 years the Party of God has been winning elections by pandering to the scum of America, and they have always been




what their objectives were.

Some of them want Jesusland.

Some want “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Some are sitting on an arsenal and a year's supply of pemmican ,praying for a race-war.

Some want the Rapture.

And some just want a nice, tidy, White Christian feudal state.

And we crazy, Socialist, America-haters?

We want our country – our beautiful, tolerant, raucous, vigorous, flawed democracy – back.

That’s what the Culture Wars have been about, Cube, or weren’t you paying attention?

cube said...

Z: That excuse wouldn't have worked if the MSM had been doing it's job.

christian soldier: We've all got some of them in our families. Maybe he'll stay home on election day ;-)

QQ: I hear ya. It's all crap to me.

ducky's here: Dude, who pulled your string? The only part of your addled diatribe that was truthful was the part when you referred to you and your ilk as "crazy, Socialist, America-haters".

Anonymous said...


Good thread.

I call mine a battery! Arsenal is so "Eighties commie".

Hey Ducky, will the price of weed be subsidized by the Govt. or will you still be paying retail?

And last time I read the constitution, and it must have been longer than I thought, we had a deomcratic republic.

That means the mob of ignorant parasites could not dominate the productive and law abiding just because the reults of the same lazy, antisocial and dysfunctional practices oddly fail to yeild a different result. Huh. Imagine!

Even if the reds win, the result will ultimately be the same. The lazy will remain lazy, there will be no satisfying them with the incremental scraps Comrade O will appear to provide. We, conversely, will bear down and avail ourselves of every legal and, perhaps, extralegal means of preserving our assets, skills and methods of success that, while no secret, elude the TV watching, sex addled, money wasting, excuse producing, loafers who won't earn their way in the worlds easiest economy to succeed in.

Apparantly it has been too much to expect people to avail themselves of thirteen years of free education and proceed to learn a skill or earn a useful degree.

But then Math is too hard right ducky?

Good luck with that whole "you owe me" problem your "movement" specializes in.

Remember, at the end of it all, you are lazy and you will lose!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I didn't sign that last post.


Jamie Dawn said...

My daughter is in college and studying film making.
As my husband said, "We are throwing our daughter to the wolves!"
He was jesting a little, but we both have concerns over what her professors will say and try to "teach." I've heard that many professors push liberal agendas on their students.
I can't believe that so many people can just brush this Ayers thing aside as if it means nothing. Ayers is a horrible man, and Obama should never have spent time with him. Once he knew about his past, he should have cut all ties with him.
Professors who support Ayers are nuts.

cube said...

QQ: I agree that Obama voters want free stuff from the government which really translates into wanting free stuff from the productive taxpayers. It will be a sad day in America if the lazy parasites outnumber the hard workers.

j.d.: Our eldest started college this year so I guess we have thrown our daughter to the wolves as well. I know exactly what your
husband means because we feel the same way.

We have always tried to teach our girls to think for themselves and we hope that they will be able to see through the liberal indoctrination of so many of the professors and come to their own conclusions.

It's all we can do now.

cube said...

I do believe 'ducky's here' is kind of a misnomer since I tried to reply to the 'ducky's here' site and guess what, ducky's profile is not available.

In other words, Ducky's not there.

Ducky what is your problem with accessibility?

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