Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fishy Money

Obama's Fishy $200 Million

This needs to be broadcast from everywhere. Tell the politicians, tell FOX News, tell your neighbor, tell your cat!

For the love of God, America, wake up!

NObama is a poseur who pretends to love the USA, but look at his record, he has never once stood up for the attributes that have made America great, and thus, will never stand up for America.

Are you ready to sell out truth, justice, and the American way for free stuff?

I hope not.


jan said...

So much of what I read is about Sarah Palin and witchcraft.The country has gone insane.

Brooke said...

Libs don't realize the free stuff is bread that we're in line for...

cube said...

You know, between noon and 2pm, I had 42 visits, but only 2 comments.
I think the blogosphere is decidedly liberal, but I can't believe all those people are foolish enough to fall for the Big Zero's free-stuff-for-everyone lies.

Z said...

Brooke...libs have fallen for OBAMA, how do we expect them to understand ANYTHING?
The man is a LIAR, a PHONY, and SCARY.
I'm trying to imagine myself WANTING to vote for someone Farrakhan, Hamas, Ayers and WORSE want to vote for. Can you? I'm hearing Khaddafi sent his campaign money! COOL, huh!?
Yet I even know CONSERVATIVES who've fallen for the lies about what a good idea it would be to leave this war, the lie that Freddie Mac and Fanny mae are Bush's problem ...etc etc. They simply don't have the curiosity anymore to CHECK.
This story Cube posted will be swept under the rug, too!

THERE IS NO WAY ANYTHING can stick to Obama. Did you hear Ifill? "MY REPUTATION supercedes me....How can anyone question my integrity?" Well, picture if this had happened with a RIGHTWING moderator!!

Ah, I'm tired of the WHOLE thing. This isn't America anymore ,it's something we don't recognize....and Obama will take it off the radar screen.

Cube, I wrote you a comment a few hours ago and it didn't print, I hope I said nothing offensive and you deleted it!?, but I do remember I told you I was blogrolling you...I enjoy your blog and thank you for visiting mine.

Pray for Sarah tonight...SO many people are it's just amazing!!

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Usually politics don't scare me, they intrigue me or interest me or piss me off.

This election cycle scares me.

The one sidedness of it is reminiscent of the days of a long dead fuhrer who should have remained dead.

Our media is no longer any better than Al Jazeera.

Anonymous said...


Do you notice the tone of most of the comments you get concerning the MSM corruption. It is typically well thought out, contextual and well founded.

The fact that so many reasonable people are scared of this obamination is more than telling.

We are being manipulated by the left and have little help coming in the way of a McCain presidency.

The son and grandson of admirals knows something of strategy and tactics. He'll need all that and more to defeat the rogues gallery of press hacks, tyrants and proles who are aiding the enemy.

I think we are far better off than the MSM would have us believe. They know their base is weak and undisciplined, They need to have polls showing their man is just a little ahead: Too much and they'll assume Obi has it in the bag and stay home. Polling Behind McCain and they are down hearted and , again, stay home.

Thus a full court press and phony polls and economic sabotage. That's right, sabotage. It started with oil and continues through this mortgage "crisis".

McCain will be fine if he recognizes what is gong on. If he really believes that bipartisan crap he spews then he is finished.

And so are we.


cube said...

Z: I don't know what happened to your comment. I didn't remove it. It's not something I do, in fact, I can only remember doing it for a bunch of x-rated links some idiot put on my blog.

cube said...

Z: Sorry I didn't finish my response, but I had to break off to watch the debate.

I must say that I am more hopeful today than I was pre-debate.

NObama has very high negatives that he has managed to hide with the help of the MSM. The case must be made to the American people or our side will lose.

We've got time. Let's get busy :-)

BTW thanks for the blogroll. I loves me those ;-)

cube said...

jenn: You are right about the MSM. I call it Pravda-esque. Same difference.

Imagine how much worse it would be if the Fairness Doctrine was decreeded by God Emperor Obama?

cube said...

QQ: As usual, your comments are like a ray of sunshine ;-)

I can't fault you for feeling low when you consider the incredible bias that the Big Zero commands with the MSM. It is scary.

I heard McCain confidently talking up Palin yesterday before the debate. He said he wasn't worried about Ifill and he wasn't worried about Palin. He was confident & I found his confidence contagious. I wouldn't count him out just yet.

M. Stokes said...

Thanks Cube, for this post! I wish America would wake up and see this man for what he is.

cube said...

m. stokes: Thank you. I'm glad you liked the article. Please feel free to pass it on to your readers if you like. The word needs to get out.

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