Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Fraud

One more piece of the puzzle that is Obama...

Early Obama Poem Shows Davis's Hand

And while we're on the subject...


Obama's Mom Posing As Nude Whore For Christmas Gift For Socialist Leader

Oh, what a pig in a poke America elected as president.


Brooke said...

Classy family.

Scarred for life, now, thanks.

LL said...

What a skank.

And I kept thinking to myself, who would screw her?

--Yes, of course, Barack H. Obama Sr. and Frank Marshall Davis.

Jan said...

I can remember every poem I had published in my misspent youth. I can't imagine asking if it was mine.

Wish I had heeded your warning...

Karen K said...

W... T... F?


Always On Watch said...

Oh, my eyes!


I want to wish you all the best in 2011. Are you going to do any more cat blog Fridays?

Always On Watch said...

Is Frank Marshall Davis Obama's father? I've seen that theory tossed around.

Z said...

his mother had a lot of class, too, huh? :-)

Odd that the media never got a hold of this...imagine if Barbara Bush posed nude for ANYBODY?
Cube, sorry I haven't been around..shingles is THE WORST. Am feeling a bit better..hurrah.

Happy New Year, my friend, to you and your Armenian hubby!xxx

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you are criticizing Obama for his mother's actions. Frankly, she had a beautiful body and I don't have any judgment on her choice to pose in what looks like personal photos. The skuzzy factor is tied to whomever made them public. I find it fascinating that you can cast a stone-I'd love to see your mother's medical records. How do you know what she didn't have an abortion? This woman had her baby at a time it was an unforgivable sin. I admire her.

Teresa said...

Alright, I'm scarred.

What a low class family.

Patrick Carroll said...

Just what I wanted to see at 9.00am!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

I think I'm gunna be sick now Cube...sheesh. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!..xxoo

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