Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Teddy Disgraces Himself

Jerry Zeifman, Democrat and former chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, blasts Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., for disgracing himself and the Democratic party by misusing his position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to achieve self-serving partisan ends.

The Newsmax article continues here. and it is a scathing indictment of Ted's attempt to smear Alito.

I think Mr. Zeifman is accurate, but his comments are late in coming. Teddy disgraced himself long ago. Let's hope the voters of Massachusetts finally come to their senses and stop voting this clown into office.

One For The Bull!

A half-ton bull - named Pajarito or Little Bird - charged up into the stands during a Mexico City bullfight and landed on the fans. See the video here.

Pajarito's rampage into the ring's most expensive seats ended when a fight participant entered the stand and killed the animal with his sword. He was the first bull in the ring's history to breach the security barrier.

I'm sorry fans were injured, but I can't help feeling admiration for Pajarito. What a bull!

Greenspan Out

As Alan Greenspan steps down as Chariman of the Federal Reserve today, ominous news comes from The Economist regarding Greenspan's setting of monetary policy.

The magazine notes that Greenspan triggered two of the greatest bubbles in history, the dotcom bubble of the 1990s and the real estate one the magazine warns is about to pop.

Greenspan's actions have created a domino effect through which American consumers could borrow against the rising, potentially artificial value of their homes to buy plush hot tubs and $5,000 barbecue pits. In this way, Americans have been able to literally consume more than they earn.

Bottom line here is... save more, spend less. Good advice anytime, no matter who's in charge.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

In Memorium

Dick Scobee
Michael Smith
Ellison Onizuka
Judith Resnik
Ron McNair
Greg Jarvis
Christa McAuliffe — died in the fiery fall on Jan. 28, 1986.

20 years have passed, but I haven't forgotten.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bubble Wrap Redux

Want that satisfying feeling of popping bubblewrap without the guilty feeling of having ruined a perfectly good piece of bubblewrap once you popped it?

Pop your heart out at the virtual bubblewrap site here , especially you Jessey.

[The BLOG note: this post originally appeared on 12/9/04 when nobody read this blog]

Phone-y Kerry

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts was lobbying his Democratic colleagues to filibuster the Alito nomination -- an uphill fight, given that none of the chamber's 55 Republicans has opposed his confirmation and three Democrats are on the record supporting it.

Sources close to Kerry, who lost to Bush in the 2004 race, told CNN here that the senator was calling colleagues from Switzerland, where he was attending the World Economic Forum.

Le filibustier. Apportez-le dessus!

[The BLOG note: Credit to Lucianne.com for Frenchy Kerry photo phoning it in]

Cat Eyes Blog Friday

For Cat Blog Friday...
just because it's beautful.

Go here just because it's silly.

[The BLOG note: Credit to seniorgato who first brought the kitty band to my attention.]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

WMDs In Syria?

From the New York Sun comes news from an Iraqi general in Saddam Hussein's air force, Georges Sada, who says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.

Mr. Sada's comments come just more than a month after Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam "transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria."

Looks to me like Bashar Assad, a.k.a. Asshead, has some explaining to do.


Image hosting by Photobucket

George Galloway, the bloviation-prone Respect Party MP, was voted off the UK reality show, "Big Brother", after 21 days.

Yikes! Does this look anything like reality to you?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wax Trek

The MovieLand Wax Museum in Buena Park, California is closing and will be auctioning off many of its wax figures, including the entire set of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Go here for a list of other characters and auction details.

Which wax figure would you want in your living room?

Commie Oracle

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro (L) predicts Schafik Handal's death by heart attack during their meeting on May 1, 2005.

Handal, a communist guerrilla commander during El Salvador's 12-year civil war, died of a heart attack yesterday at the age of 75.

A prophetic photo?

Spooky coincidence?

Now, if we could get fidel to prognosticate his own death, we'd have time to plan a proper party.

Loser Ted

On the same day Samuel Alito won a 10-8 party-line approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee, five Republicans announced that they would vote for his confirmation in the full Senate, pushing him over 50 votes in the 100-member chamber.

Senator Ted Kennedy looks like he's not taking the news well...

Boo hoo.

Willy Nagin & The Chocolate T

T-shirts making fun of Mayor Ray Nagin's remark that New Orleans would once again be a "chocolate city" are in high demand, with recent orders coming in from countries as far away as Malaysia and Norway.

The enterprising company, www.imnotchocolate.com, said it has filled thousands of orders for T-shirts featuring Nagin in a top hat as Willy Wonka.

Wish I'd thought of it first!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservative Beer

An Ontario brewery launched new beers with the effigy of party leaders on the labels and counted the sales of each to predict the outcome of the Canadian election.

The results have so far echoed conventional polls throughout the election campaign and, finally, the election, when the 12 years of liberal rule ended yesterday when Stephen Harper's Conservatives pulled off a win.

I'll drink to that!

I'll have an Old Tory Lager while you go here to read this amusing article.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Blue Monday

Some days you are the tarsier and some days you are the cricket that is about to be the tarsier's lunch.

According to U.K. psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall, the Monday closest to January 24th is the most depressing day of the year.

You can be miserable today if you want...but I prefer Abraham Lincoln's point of view:

"People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

So, cheer up. Life is good. Be happy you're not a cricket ;-)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Big Chocolate Head

This sculpture entitled Mask III by Australian Ron Mueck is on exhibit at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.

I hear that Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans has requested that it be exhibited at the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art because that is where it really belongs.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Cat Blog Friday

"I never would have seen it, if I hadn't believed it." -- old saying

Poe Toaster Mystery

Yesterday, for the 57th time, a devoted fan of Edgar Allen Poe has commemorated Poe's birthday by leaving roses & cognac at the writer's grave

...inside a locked cemetary at the corner of Fayette & Greene in Baltimore

...while 25 on-lookers tried to catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Order Of Succession

The first polyhedron president ;-)

[The BLOG note: this post was inspired by Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather ]

Daddy Dearest

The National Enquirer says Teddy's illegitimate son is 21 years old and no longer a big Kennedy family secret. Teddy's camp calls the story
"irresponsible fiction". Read it here .

Whom do you believe?

Hasn't this moral reprobate been given enough free passes by the voters of Massachusetts?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shat Happens!

William Shatner has sold his kidney stone for $25,000, with the money going to Habitat For Humanity. GoldenPalace.com, an online casino noted for its collection of oddities, called the acquisition "a bold new addition to our fleet".


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Doofus Awards

This past week was rife with winners of The BLOG's Doofus Award...

Harry Belafonte: for his remarks in Venezuela about Bush being the world's greatest terrorist foolish commie hasbeen

Senator Ted Kennedy: for his relentless remarks during the Alito confirmation hearings about CAP and Vanguard Chappaquidiculous

Senator Joe Biden: for bloviating during the Alito confirmation hearings I heart Princeton, except when I don't

Al Gore: for accusations of a dangerous breech in the fabric of the Constitution by the Bush administration, when the same executive powers were exercised during the Clinton administration selective amnesia?

Mayor Ray Nagin: for chocolate New Orleans and God being mad at America remarks stuck on stupid

Senator Hilary Clinton: for remarks about the House of Representatives being run like a plantation during a Martin Luther King Day function An' you know what I'm talkin' about...

In the interest of time, I chose just a few of the most egregious examples. One thing is certain, there is no shortage of doofuses out there more than willing to open their mouths and prove their idiocy.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Phobia, Schmobia

Did you know that the fear of the giant mole rat is called zemmiphobia?

Honestly, I hadn't given much thought to these supremely ugly critters, but comon, no way do I fear them.

There's no way that thing can crawl into my ears.

Wait, how small is the lesser mole rat?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Chancellor Merkel

Angela Merkel, makes her first visit to the White House as Germany's new Chancellor.

She has criticized the U.S. detention of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And late last year, Germany rebuffed an appeal by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales not to release a terrorist accused of killing a Navy diver in an airplane hijacking in 1985.

Some advice for Chancellor Merkel: Get tough on terror if you want to be taken seriously.

Also it would help if you stopped making funny faces...

And stop wearing large clown-like rubber noses...

Spider Ear

A Swedish woman had a black spider "the size of a thumbnail" nesting in her ear for 27 days, the Swedish tabloid Expressen reported Wednesday.

The woman told the paper that she at first experienced "a slight loss of hearing" and assumed that she had a build-up of wax, but when she heard "a scratching sound" in her ear she decided to buy a cleanser to wash out her ear cavity.

When she did so, the spider was flushed out alive and crawled away.

I was scared to death of this when I was a child. Not just with spiders, but cockroaches, earwigs, you name the bug, I was terrified that it would crawl into my ear and lay eggs.

Come to think of it, there's probably a name for this fear...

More Media Bias

I love New York, but not the New York Times.

From The American Thinker comes an article entitled Under Clinton, NY Times called surveillance "a necessity" .

It argues "a severe case of selective amnesia by the New York Times and other media opponents of President Bush. They certainly didn’t show the same outrage when a much more invasive and indiscriminate domestic surveillance program came to light during the Clinton administration in the 1990’s."

In case you don't want to read it, here is a cut and paste synopsis:

"during the Clinton Administration, evidence existed (all of the information used in this article was available at the time) that:

-an invasive, extensive domestic eavesdropping program was aimed at every U.S. citizen;

-intelligence agencies were using allies to circumvent constitutional restrictions;

-and the administration was selling at least some secret intelligence for political donations."

The proof just keeps mounting against the MSM. By most rational standards, their left-wing bias is undeniable.

Black Cat Blog Friday

Triskaidekaphobia makes today a hard one for black cats. Remember, people, they're just little animals, not evil demon spawn.

Perhaps I should include ailurophobia and paraskavedekatriaphobia, as well.

Check out a list of phobias to see how many there are. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito Hearings

As the hearings go into the third day, SCOTUS nominee, Sam Alito, and his family begin to succumb to the effects of rising levels of toxic gas eminating from the gasbag Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

They must have strong consitutions to have held up this long.

Polaris Buddy

Thanks to the Hubble Telescope, astronomers now have photographic proof that the North Star, formerly known as Polaris, has two stellar companions.

The first, Polaris B, has been known since 1780 and can easily be seen with even a smaller telescope; the presence of the second, Polaris Ab, has been inferred but eluded direct detection because it was close to Polaris and relatively faint.

The North Star is a super-giant more than 2,000 times brighter than the sun, while its newly photographed second companion is a dwarf star just 2 billion miles from it, astronomers said.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fuzzy Icosahedrons

Not the old-fashioned 6-sided variety, but fuzzy dice for true geeks... 20-sided ones.

Dessert Humor

Just because it's funny and I have a lot to do.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Apple Meat?

A 14-year-old girl who received a new Apple iPod opened the sealed box and found raw mystery meat inside. Rachel Cambra purchased a new high-tech iPod for her daughter and when she opened the sealed box, the device was missing and in its place was a piece of raw meat.

Cambra said the box was sealed and that it didn't appear to have been tampered with when she brought it home from the Honolulu Wal-Mart where she works. An investigation found that a former employee apparently tampered with a shipment of iPods and put the meat into several packages.

What a wild and wacky sense of humor on that Wal-Mart employee!

Dean's Angels

“There are no Democrats who took money from Jack Abramoff. Not one. Not one single Democrat. Every person named in this scandal is a Republican. Every person in [this] investigation is a Republican. Every person indicted is a Republican. This is a Republican finance scandal. There is no evidence that Jack Abramoff ever gave any Democrat any money and we’ve looked through all those FEC reports to make sure that’s true.” -- Howard Dean on CNN, 1/8/06.

Yeah, right. Check out the Democrats and the dollar amounts at the Gateway Pundit blog .

Saturday, January 07, 2006


This gray and white cat, renamed Miracle, traveled some 70 miles under an SUV as it whizzed along the Jersey Turnpike on Dec. 23rd.

The SUV's driver didn't know she was giving the kitten a ride until another motorist saw the tabby through a wheel well and flagged down the driver.

The cat was scared, his paws were burnt, one claw was missing and his fur was singed, but he was, otherwise, unharmed and is awaiting adoption.

It's possible that this may have also happened to our kitten, Psyche, because there has been no sign of her in the neighborhood since she ran out of the house 3 weeks ago. Cats don't just disappear.

We wish she'd come home, but, barring that, we hope she's OK and that someone is taking care of her.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Go Bucs!

Arrgggh! I'll be rootin' for me Buccos tomorrow. Aye mateys, the Redskins will walk the plank.


Kabob Cat Blog Friday

A cat reacts to news that Shanghai street vendors are using the meat from stray cats to supplement mutton to make kabobs, an animal welfare organisation said today.

The overpopulation of stray cats and dogs has prompted some street vendors to use cat meat because stray cats are two a penny.

Cat kabobs. Just one more reason why you shouldn't eat street food.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


A Montgomery County judge ruled Tuesday that the act of mooning is not illegal in Maryland, clearing a man accused of indecent exposure after showing his buttocks to a neighbor during an argument.

"If exposure of half of the buttock constituted indecent exposure, any woman wearing a thong at the beach at Ocean City would be guilty," said Judge John W. Debelius III.

And throughout the land there was a collective sign of relief from plumbers and refridgerator repairmen.

New Year Omen

First thing New Year's Day, while we stood on the carport drinking a cup of coffee, contemplating the past year and discussing plans for the new year, we looked up and saw an American bald eagle fly across the sky. It filled us with joy to see that majestic bird and we took its sighting as a good omen for 2006.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus, you're welcome at our house anytime.

Check Your Santa

Brazilian police discovered 144 two-inch Santa figures stuffed with cocaine in a Rio de Janeiro slum after being tipped off in a telephone call.

So, a word to the wise... check your Santa before you put away the Christmas decorations.

Just in case...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Pi Anyone?

No, not holiday sweets, but a photo of Australia's Simon Katich posing as the symbol for 'Pi'.

Look here to find your personal numbers hidden in the digits of Pi. It's amazing.

MCF 2005 Best Award

The BLOG was voted 2005 BEST for photographs by MCF's Nexus of Improbability.

Shucks, I don't know what to say...

Good To The Last Civet Drop?

Did you know that some coffee lovers are paying $175 for a pound of coffee beans which have passed through the gastrointestinal system of a furry mammal, called a civet?

Kopi Luwak beans from Indonesia are rare and expensive, thanks to a unique taste and aroma enhanced by the digestive system of palm civets, nocturnal tree-climbing creatures about the size of a large house cat.

First let me just say...SUCKERS!

Oh Margaret! I'm just wondering if I could train my German Shepherd to eat these ripe coffee beans for treats ;-)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Salsinians Unite!

Speaking of strange Star Trek websites, check out this funny one, the Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation LNSEMSF.com .

You gotta love the Internet.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday.
Happy, happy. Joy, joy!

Also born on this day:

Cicero in 106 B.C.

J.R.R. Tolkien in 1892 (his eleventy-fourth).

Not bad company, if you ask me.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Loch Ness

New sighting of the Loch Ness monster?

No, flood waters cover a pee wee golf course T-Rex up to his teeth in Guerneville, California.

Lucky Tortie

If cats have nine lives, a kitty in Missoula, Montana has definitely used one up.

This housecat survived being locked in a cage, thrown off a bridge and then stranded in an icy puddle of river slush. It's unlcear how long the cat was stuck on the ice, but the ordeal ended Tuesday morning when a pair of passers-by spotted the tortie and called for help. Firefighters arrived minutes later, donned wet suits and launched a rescue boat.

Someone had put the animal in a cage, along with a rock weighing about 16 pounds, and tossed it into the Clark Fork River. But instead of landing in the water, it bounced several times on the ice and then became stuck.

Read about Lucky, who bears an uncanny resemblance to my tortie, Kinky, here . The article has a heartwarming end.