Friday, January 13, 2006

Spider Ear

A Swedish woman had a black spider "the size of a thumbnail" nesting in her ear for 27 days, the Swedish tabloid Expressen reported Wednesday.

The woman told the paper that she at first experienced "a slight loss of hearing" and assumed that she had a build-up of wax, but when she heard "a scratching sound" in her ear she decided to buy a cleanser to wash out her ear cavity.

When she did so, the spider was flushed out alive and crawled away.

I was scared to death of this when I was a child. Not just with spiders, but cockroaches, earwigs, you name the bug, I was terrified that it would crawl into my ear and lay eggs.

Come to think of it, there's probably a name for this fear...


Jay Noel said...

Yuck....makes me want to flush out my ear right now.

The fear you have is called Entomophobia.

Sar said...

Oh I did too, and seeing that thing crawl into Checkov's ear made it worse!

I'm officially creeped out right now.

cube said...

phoenix: It was a childhood fear. Luckily, I outgrew it.

sar: yes! the dreaded ceti eel, the last surviving life-form indigenous to Ceti Alpha V.

Jen said...

I think the word you're looking for is "spidearphobia."

Did you ever see that old TV show where the earwhig went through the guy's head and actually came out the other side? And everyone was happy for him, except they learned that the bug was female and had laid eggs in there? Yeah, that's always really bothered me...

cube said...

Yes. I think that was a Night Gallery episode which starred Laurence Harvey who, BTW, was superb in The Manchurian Candidate, but I digress.

I grew up watching stuff like that and it warped my mind.

Jamie Dawn said...

I never really thought about the possiblity of insects in my ears. Thanks for giving me something to freak out about. I use Q-tips, so maybe I would smash whatever was in there, or push it in deeper... yuck!

cube said...

j.d.: when these bugs get into your ear, they crawl deep inside, beyond the reach of your average Q-tip. That's why some of us worried about it as kids.

In fact, I specifically remember hearing about a little girl in my great aunt's building in New York who had a roach crawl in her ear & it had an egg sack which, luckily, was unhatched when it was removed.
This was quite traumatic for me.

anybody said...

Earwigs wigged me out when I was a kid too.

cube said...

We can all thank TV for the fear of the earwig, or earwhig, in jen's world ;-)

birdwoman said...

AhA! My mom always yelled at me to clean out my ears, but with a good hunk of wax in there, ain't no way spidey's gonna feel at home.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if anyone still reads this specific blog but, you might find this interesting. it is my friend, and i am interested to find out exactly what was in his ear! post back if you can help...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning I woke up with a similar sensation to when water gets stuck in the ear. I didn't think much of it until I took a shower about an hour later and heard the noise again and felt something come out onto my hand. To my horror it was a live crawling spider about the size of a silver dollar. I was screaming too much to kill it before it went down the drain. From now on I'm sleeping with cotton in my ears or I won't be able to fall asleep!

Anonymous said...

That is very scary!i am afraid every time my ear starts to ich!Did u here about that man that had 1 in his ear and it had babies so he went to the doctor and they were going to remove it but he wanted to wait until the egg sack hatched!HE IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a neighbor, who was anything but clean. She thought she had a tumor around her ear, so did her doctor.
She got surgery, it was a dead cockroach wrapped up in ear wax.
A Ghetto-Pearl if you will.

It is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. I would have never believed anything like that, if it hadn't happened next door to me.


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