Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Amber Overdose

Amber Frey has been giving interviews to anyone & everyone with a microphone lately.
Enough already.

Today, CBS announced that it has bought the rights to make a TV movie based on Frey's
book, "Witness: For The Prosecution of Scott Peterson".

Bela Bajaria, a CBS senior vice president, said, "Having the rights to her life story, as well as her book, provides an opportunity to tell new dimensions of the story & give viewers a personal look into one of the most notorious crimes of the past decade."

...opportunity to tell new dimensions of the story? Hmmm...I wonder if that will include forgeries & fabrications, too.


Anonymous said...

Or like that wonderfully factual movie about Ronald Reagan.


cheeseplease7 said...

I like to chew on foil when I'm upset too....

Anonymous said...

I prefer to chew on glass shards...its like aluminum foil...only edgier.