Friday, November 30, 2007

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... two talking cats.

The makers of the video report that Stina and Mossy (the two cats seen in this video) usually fight instead of talk, so this was an odd moment. The cats kept "talking" for about 1 hour, constantly. We've had alot of laughs over this clip..

Here's The Translation

And not one mention of Mohammed was made.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Caz said...

I love what people come up with on YouTube Cubicle, and this is a treat.

BTW - the link works, but you have a big blank space where the uploaded video only metaphorically exists. No biggie.

Happy Friday!

cube said...

That's funny. It works for me. Your computer must be jinxed ;-)

cube said...

BTW has anyone noticed the new feature when posting a comment ... a nickname?

Anonymous said...

now that we have our own little pkaker in the house, we must put these vids on frequently so our clawed mewnet can learn to talk - he's been practicing, but gave me a really bad translation of what they were saying.

>^,,^< raerrrrrrrrrfffft!

think i'll fill in that little nickname thing and see what goes...

nanc said...


i didn't come up as me...

i'm gettin' 'spicious.

Unknown said...

Cats are such good philosophers or dictators depending on their mood at the time.


cube said...

nanc: You are so on your way into turning into a pkak-lover ;-)

BTW you came up as sofia loren the first time and nanc the second. Looks like the nickname thing worked.

jill: Yes, cats can be quite mercurial.

Blogger has enabled a new nickname function. Check it out the next time you comment. If you leave it blank, you'll just come up as yourself.

Brooke said...

They're probably discussing how to off the humans in the house... ;)

Kelly said...

As a cat lover...aaawww!!

Always On Watch said...

All those brrts and trills--the kitties are definitely communicating!

Loved the translated version over at YouTube. But somehow I wanted women's voices. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome cube.
My daughter will love this one.
Soon as she get's outta bed I'll show it to her.
Ciao Sophia! Che c'e` di nuovo?

cube said...

brooke: In typical cat fashion.

kelly: I look at a cat & think, what's not to love?

aow: That's a good way of referring to catspeak - brrts & trills. We catspeak to our cats & they're all very talkative.

kathy: Thanks! There are many cat lovers out there. Have you seen how many hits its gotten?

cube said...

My tortie comes over to the computer screen and stares intently at these cats when I play this video. I guess they're comunicating to her as well.

Grimm said...

We have 4 inside cats and our latest edition Jasper, I swear is the feline spawn of Satan himself.

I have to put my laptop on the highest ledge to make sure it avoids its urine wrath.

I could only wish it would talk.

cube said...

grimm: We have 3 cats & they pretty much go where they please, when they please.

BTW sounds like little Jasper needs to get neutered.