Saturday, November 28, 2009


What do you get when you cross an envelope with bacon?

Bacon-Flavored Envelopes aka Mmmvelopes.

J&D's, the creators of Mmmvelopes, don't think envelopes should taste like armpit.

Good for them. I'm pro-bacon.


Anonymous said...

lol. i'm pro bacon too but I think I will keep my normal envelopes.


Dorie said...

What a great idea. And here I am with a couple of toughies on the Christmas gift list. mmmmmm

Always On Watch said...


I wonder if some Moslem will complain about this. I wouldn't doubt it!

cube said...

Lee: Ditto.

Dorie: We all have those hard-to-gift people.

Always On Watch: Sure, they are perpetually complaining about something everyone else feels is inoffensive.

DaBlade said...

Do they have pizza flavored envelopes? I would mail myself pepperonis inside one of these.

dmarks said...

I am not that big of a Kevin Bacon fan to want envelopes that taste like him.

I think Halle Berry envelopes might sell better.

John Rudolph said...


Time for me to write a letter to CAIR and random Muslims!

dmarks said...

And don't forget the vegetarian food nazis.

Krispy said...

Suddenly I have a hankerin' for an Envelope, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.

Unknown said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Chuck said...

Funny comments but I'm not sure I am much for bacon flavored envelopes

dmarks said...

So this is why Newman's now eating the mail.

Ananda girl said...

Does the flavor add calories?

dmarks said...

I think there is a "Seinfeld" plot in this somewhere.

WomanHonorThyself said...

finger lickin good? :)

nanc said...

I like the already sticky kind you just have to tear a strip of paper off of, but these may come in handy when all our banks become shariah compliant...

cube said...

DaBlade: Sounds like a marketing plan to me ;-)

dmarks: lol! you have outdone yourself again. The Newman one was the winner.

John Rudolph: Go for it. I'm sure they'll be outraged.

Krispy: lol! Me too.

Marti: Hey stranger! My Thanksgiving was very good. Hope the same for you & yours.

cube said...

Chuck: Yeah, the comments have been better than the idea of bacon-flavored envelopes.

Ananda Girl: Nope. No calories, just artificial flavor.

WomanHonorThyself: Yeah, you lick your fingers after you lick the envelope.

nanc: That's the day I start keeping my money under the mattress.

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