Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... Oscar, the Bionic Cat.

Amputee Cat Gets Bionic Feet

Well, he's not really bionic, but the surgery is an amazing breakthrough for amputees.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Brooke said...

How freaking cool is that?!?

I wonder if the cat tries to groom them?

Ananda girl said...

Oh my gosh! That is remarkable! We had a cat that met with an unfortunate accident when a neighbor shot at what he thought was a raccoon with his compound bow. She had to have her left rear leg amputated. We called her our tricycle cat! But the vet told us that cats adapt very well to amputation. He was right. She was busy running down squirrels and rabbits and leaving their tails and ears on our doorstep in no time.

Always On Watch said...

The poor kitty!

But at least He can get around and get some pleasure out of life.

Science CAN do a lot for our pets.

Jan said...

That's great. I did a post about a dog with artificial legs. Cats would probably adapt even better.

Brooke said...

Video here.

It's really cool to see the little guy get around!

Teresa said...

This is awesome! The excellent medical breakthroughs that our doctors come up with for both humans and animals is amazing!

birdwoman said...

when he jumps, does it make that cool steve austin noise?

Really, though, that is some seriously cool science.