Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ground Zero Imam Exposed Off-Mic

I'm shocked... shocked!!!!


dmarks said...

I already knew he was a kook when he was blaiming the deaths caused by Saddam Hussein on the US.

The sanctions program allowed for importing food and medicine into Iraq. It was Saddam's choice to refuse food, and to waste what he did accept.

This imam either knows nothing about world affairs, or he is lying.

Chuck said...

Shocked, shocked I say.

Z said...

ya, ya, we're all 'shocked'! But, WHERE THE HECK IS THE MEDIA?
We keep saying the MEDIA is to blame for the mess we're in and this is just another example; imagine if THIS were publicized?
Pamela Geller isn't my favorite gal, but she's good on this stuff and this is something she SHOULD scream from the rafters!

Gramma 2 Many said...

And still we will allow them to build the mosque.
Actually, today, I saw that Jay Sekulo has filed suit against the building of the mosque. Maybe that will get someones attention.

Brooke said...

Hello?!? Midstream media? Federal government? State/Local government? Anybody?

Unreal. Well, I wish it were, anyway.