Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Blog

Can't post a picture because Blogger is having maintenance issues, but I can showcase an eye-opening new blog:

Fellowship Of The Minds: Conservatives Who Care About America

Holy cow!

If only half of this stuff is true, I can still exclaim, "Holy Cow!"


Z said...

Whoa, Cube...what a piece that is. ANd the links are horrifying.
Re Rahm: who believed that he'd leave what is described as one of the most influential, exciting positions in the country to be mayor of Chicago? That one really stank but our media's too 'in the bag' to even consider it let alone print their curiosity......
As for the gay thing, I hate to go there because it cheapens our cause if the lefties get it; they focus in on that and "How hateful and stupid Republicans are" instead of focusing on the really damning stuff.
But, where there's a lot of smoke......
The man has become someone nobody can LOOK at let alone listen to anymore, are your friends saying that, too? I wonder if we're picking up on his schizophrenia?

Jan said...

When one exceeds one's level of competence, mental health deteriorates, doesn't it?

cube said...

Z: That site was an eye-opener, wasn't it? I have bookmarked it and will check it often from now on.

Smoke indeed. There's been smoke all over the place with Obama, but it was always stifled by the MSM and because we don't have journalists that will investigate these allegations, we must do what we can to disseminate the information and hope that bloggers can ferret out the truth.

I'm hoping for a big win in November, but I don't for one minute believe it is a done deal.

cube said...

Jan: Ha! The Peter Principle will henceford be known as The Obama Principle.

Karen K said...

Thanks, Cube, will check it out.

Thank God for blogs... if I only read the paper or watched the evening news on TV, I'd never know half of what was actually happening in the world!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your link to the Fellowship. Please spread the word! Let's take this criminal administration down. LOL

Owner/founder of Fellowship of the Minds