Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Dry I Am

A wild Brown owl got into two small bottles of Schnapps...

German Police Pick Up Drunken Owl

This one made me smile.


Jan said...

In our area birds will eat fermenting berries in the fall and get blotto. They can be really mean drunks but mostly they just get mellow.

Jan said...

Owls may need a 12 step program. :-)

cube said...

Jan: I wouldn't want to run across one of the mean ones... you know, shades of Hitchcock. Yeah, I watch too much TV ;-)

I always though owls were the coolest birds... now, not so much.

Z said...


the dullest video of people making Lahmajun at the bakery I told you about, a distant cousin's of mine....where the product I"ve eaten for lo these many years has come from.
DULL, but you might like to watch (I wish they were wearing gloves :-)

Z said...

by the way, the owl story's funny...nice that German police have nothing better to do!?

Teresa said...

I bet the Germans will start a rehab for drunken owls now.

That was funny, Cube!

Chuck said...

Do they have a birdcage for a drunk tank?

My grandmother used to have one of these birds from your picture when I was a kid. I was so fascinated with it.

Patrick Carroll said...

"A woman walking her dog alerted the police after seeing the bird sitting by the side of the road oblivious to passing traffic,"

...Yeah, uhu, I can relate to that! been there done that!!!

Karen Howes said...

At least the owl wasn't driving!

This was a hoot... no pun intended, heh.

cube said...

Z: I didn't think the video was dull, per se, but I sure wish they had shared the recipe for the meat stuffing.

I don't much care about gloves as long as hands are clean. Besides, humans have survived for eons living around the ubiquitous bacteria. It's part of life.

I thought it was sweet that the German police took time out of their busy schedule to help a creature in need.

cube said...

Teresa: The story gave me a few chuckles.

Chuck: I never had one of those birds, but I do remember walking with my dad in Times Square and there was one in a store window. I was fascinated by it myself.

Patrick Carroll: :-)

Karen Howes: Or flying.

I'm a foodie and your comment reminded me of Carla on Top Chef... Hootie hoo.

Brooke said...

I guess it was just sitting there because it couldn't fly! HA!

At least it survived. Alcohol is very, very bad for birds.